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The Best Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief

When research* tells us our screen-time averages around 10 hours a day, is it a wonder that neck and shoulder pain is the most common ailment people are dealing with today?  Many other factors contribute to neck pain, and it… Read More

The 10 Best Yoga Poses For Upper Back Pain Relief

Yoga poses for upper back pain can provide much-needed relief when you need it most. There’s only one problem: Most yoga teachers are giving you instructions that will only make your back pain worse.  It’s true. You might even have… Read More

How Long Do You Hold a Yoga Pose?

Have you ever been in Pigeon Pose and found yourself wondering… …how long do you hold a yoga pose, anyway? Whether you’re a yoga beginner or simply trying to kick-off an at-home yoga practice, you’re certainly not the first to… Read More

Guide to Yoga for Beginners at Home

Online Yoga teacher Training 200 hour by Blue Osa

Want to learn how to do yoga at home but not sure where to start? It might sound cliche, but it’s true: yoga is for everyone, everywhere. Learning how to do yoga at home is a profound way to promote… Read More

The 20 Best Yoga Poses for Two People

Looking to spice up your practice? Maybe it’s time to step back from your individual routine and try fun yoga poses for two people. Partner yoga poses offer a powerful way to move deeper into postures. Plus, you’ll build trust,… Read More

Headstand - A "Hard" Yoga Pose Made Easy

How To Do Headstand

Sirsasana I, or supported headstand, is considered to be the king of all yoga poses and can seem a bit daunting at first. It is definitely not a pose you should rush, because you could risk serious injury without following… Read More

How to Do Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel Pose

A somewhat challenging, yet extremely rewarding pose is Camel Pose or Ustrasana. A great backbend pose, Camel Pose requires a bit of stamina and endurance as it opens your shoulders and chest, while also strengthening your back. The pose is… Read More

Yoga Poses for Kids: Benefits + Poses

It’s hard to be a kid these days. Children in today’s age encounter all sorts of social, emotional and physical challenges, and more often than not they don’t have the tools or the knowledge for coping with such conflict. But… Read More