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The Evils of Marketing Yourself As a Yoga Teacher


Marketing is such an evil word. Social media, email campaigns, network marketing – you name it. The word itself conjures up negativity, and generally the act of marketing is not applied for the better good. Most campaigns try to make… Read More

5 Ways To Become a Great Retreat Leader


Retreats provide yoga teachers an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of yoga and its practices with their students. And, yoga retreats give teachers an opportunity to step up and become leaders. Now entering our 6th year, we at… Read More

Do your students want to travel with you?

Do your students want to travel with you?

By Yogi Aaron So you are thinking about having a yoga retreat at Blue Osa. Or, like me, you are thinking about taking a group of your students to the Himalayas. That is fantastic! BUT!!! Have you even asked any… Read More