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The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa - osa

The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa, Costa Rica

Starting late July, Humpback Whales will be arriving to our jade-green front yard in front of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa in the majestic Gulfo Dulce.

The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa Costa Rica

The Humpback Whales In Costa Rica

As big as a bus with a song that fills the warm Gulfo Dulce waters, humpback whales are the nature photographer’s dream. Known for powerful leaps out of the water, their strong tails propel them through the ocean in fast strides. Is it a mating ritual, or do whales just wanna have fun?

The story is sweeter than a casual summer fling. Humpbacks have their rears in gear, working hard all year fattening up on plankton, krill and all the finest miniature delicacies of the mighty ocean. All that work allows the darlings of the sea to traverse thousands of miles from either pole to the equator every year.


The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa Costa Rica

To store up for the long journey, humpacks employ crafty fishing strategies. Using their immense size, air bubbles and a circular pattern, humpbacks force their prey into a narrow cylinder. When a big collection gathers, the wise hunter shoots through and gobbles up his prey. The “shooting fish in a barrel” imagery finally makes sense.

Playful trills and long moans are humpback foreplay. Their songs are a rich mix of tribal sounds, sparking images of a sensual romance. It’s mating season in these sweet waters.

According to local tour guide Joshua Sibley, “it’s like a single’s bar in the Gulf.” You have 2 different groups that come here, from each Pole. This is a biological corridor for many species, and very important for genetic diversity.


The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa Costa Rica

The males call out to all the single ladies. They love their lady humps.

Humpback whales from the Northern Hemisphere migrate from areas near British Columbia and Alaska and head to the warms coasts of Hawaii, Mexico and our tranquil Golfo Dulce. The arduous journey, upwards of 8,000 miles in one round trip, is essential.

Newborns need the warm water and protected environment that the Gulfo Dulce provides to acclimate to the rougher open ocean. While the parents rest from their long journey and subsequent birthing, the babies learn the basics of whale life. We all have our version of training wheels.


The Humpback Whales Are Coming to Blue Osa Costa Rica

Here, in the front yard of Blue Osa, a plethora of sea life mingles in our sweet gulf. We are the mating spot for sea turtles and humpback whales; the playground for dolphins and manta rays. The Golfo Dulce is rich in biodiversity both on land and sea.

A special thanks to Joshua Sibley for taking the time to sit with us and for taking us out on his boat. Boat a tour with him and visit the Humpback Whales this coming August!

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Humpback Whales Are Coming To Blue Osa

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