Blue Osa’s Commitment To Being Off Grid

Blue Osa Off Grid

Here at Blue Osa, we have an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. We take pride in being an eco-resort leaving the smallest possible footprint. The practice of yoga demands that we live more consciously and … Read More

What Does It Mean To Be Great

30 Photos That Will Make You Want To Sign Up For Yoga Teacher Training Today

What does it mean to be great? This is a question we have been sitting with quite a bit here at Blue Osa. Of course, there is no one answer; greatness can mean any number … Read More

Top 10 Books To Bring To The Beach

best books to bring to the beach ft

It’s that beautiful time of year again. That time when you pack up your bags and get ready for that sweet, warm beach getaway. The essentials are there: suntan lotion, sarong, sunglasses, flip flops. What … Read More