At Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa our mission is simple: To provide you with an unforgettable experience –– nourishing body, mind and spirit.

Let your focal point be the ocean. Imagine a cool ocean breeze across your face. Our yoga deck was designed to facilitate an immersive yoga experience: farm-to-table meals, first-class pampering, and beautiful eco-friendly accommodations. Our secluded beachfront property is located on Costa Rica’s biologically diverse Osa Peninsula. Here you will find coconut trees, colorful wildlife and crashing waves –– all guaranteed to provide a tranquil setting for letting go and living the pure life.


Whether you’re looking for a tropical paradise to relax & renew, to delve deeper into your yoga practice, OR an exotic locale to embark on Travel-Channel-worthy adventures, we’ve got you covered. We offer tailor-made experiences for individuals, groups and retreat leaders. Our packages include yoga, eco-spa therapies and various nearby tropical adventures.




Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to be a yoga teacher?
Are you seeking answers in your life?
Do you want to experience a yoga immersion?

What if you could feel more connected to your purpose, nourish your body on all planes (physical, mental and spiritual) and learn a skill that would improve the lives of others –– all the while surrounded by the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle?


Enter Blue Osa Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training: An intensive program designed to help you disconnect from the noise and reconnect with yourself. One of the most affordable yoga teacher training retreats in the world, the One-Month Immersion in Costa Rica will give you plenty of hands-on teaching opportunities and personalized instruction from an internationally renowned yoga teacher. This program will prepare you to teach with confidence — and maybe change your life.



Throughout the year we are fortunate to host a variety of yoga retreats—which you are invited to join!

Leading these yoga retreats are exceptional yoga instructors and retreat leaders from around the world.


While you may have decided to visit Blue Osa as a personal guest, we would love to encourage you to have a look at the various retreats currently on offer.


Learn what retreats are coming to Blue Osa, find the one that’s right for you!

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