Yoga At Blue Osa

Practice Yoga, Change Your Life

At Blue Osa, we practice yoga because it makes us happier. It’s that simple.

While many people have their own reasons to develop a spiritual practice, we have found one thing to be true. People are often looking to to either unwind and destress or answer important life questions. Or a combination of both.

We believe that the answers to life’s questions come from a deep place of stillness. Your life will change when you do yoga. Doors open and the impossible becomes possible.

BUT this can only happen when we practice yoga.


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As an an international center for self-study, learning and transformation, Blue Osa celebrates yoga in its many forms and practices.

Whether it’s a yoga class, a yoga retreat or a teacher training we offer, you will be guaranteed to find a high degree of knowledge, creativity, integrity and professionalism. At Blue Osa we strive to make it utterly effortless for you to experience happiness and self-realization, and carry them home to share with others.


If you are looking for a dedicated sanctuary for an authentic yoga practice, look no further. Starting from the morning silence, our Himalayan chants, to the nightly meal blessing, Blue Osa encapsulates the essence of a learning center aligned with some of the oldest yoga traditions and rituals.

What makes Blue Osa a superior yoga center are the many yoga spaces you can encounter throughout the property: the Ganesh temple, the re-birth labyrinth, the Buddha statue, shrines and places to sit for quiet reflection.

Central to the small yogic displays through the grounds, you will find our yoga deck. Surrounded by lush architectural gardens and the sounds of crashing waves, our elevated yoga deck is a stunning place to practice for a world class sensory experience.

Calming yet vibrant, serene yet energetic, there is no better place to unplug and connect than Blue Osa.

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As an acclaimed international yoga center, we are proud to host a wide choice of yoga programs, ranging from blissful zen retreats or deeply transformational immersions with some of most world-renowned yoga teachers in America. Whether it’s to heal, rest, restore, connect to the divine, or learn, Blue Osa will provide a unique and enriching experience. Through the power of yoga, we create community to feel in connection with everyone, from all parts of the world and lineages of yoga.

Below, we have curated specialized packages for your different needs:

• If you are experienced to yoga, our attentive yoga teachers will help accelerate your practice.
• If you are new to yoga, our caring instructors will start you on the path while helping you to release layers of accumulated stress.
• If you are someone who would like to be pampered while including a light yoga practice, we have something for you.

Explore our packages and offerings below to enhance your trip to Costa Rica. If you do not find the perfect one for you, email us with your needs and we will help curate the experience you are looking for.

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Personal Retreat

What would it be like to have a vacation where the only decision you had to make was beach, pool or hammock? Book the dates that best work for your schedule, without the structure of a group-led program. Take time for yourself on our secluded beaches, daily yoga, customized massages, eat nourishing meals, and more.

Join A Retreat

Come and join a yoga retreat at Blue Osa! Throughout the year at Blue Osa, we are fortunate to host a variety of yoga retreats! Leading these Costa Rica yoga retreats are exceptional yoga teachers from around the world. We invite you to join one of these renowned yoga retreats.


Blue Osa hosts several yoga teacher trainings a year led by Yogi Aaron and other internationally known yoga leaders. Immerse your self into a yoga teacher training program for several weeks. Experience the full power of an immersion and what yoga can truly be for you in your life. Enroll now in the next Yoga Teacher Training Immersion.

4 ways to Practice Yoga At Blue Osa

1. Private Yoga Retreat Package
If you crave the 1-on-1 attention of an intimate practice, work with a private yoga instructor to guide you with their trained eye and develop a personal practice in this Private Yoga Retreat Package. Together you will increase your strength, stability and comfort on your life’s path. Your yoga teacher will take an in-depth analysis of where you are – in life and in yoga, before creating the personalized practice to meet your specific needs. Our suggestion is to book a 7-day package. Click here to book!

2. Join A Yoga Retreat
We are fortunate to host a variety of exceptional yoga instructors and retreat leaders throughout the year at Blue Osa. Click here to join an upcoming yoga retreats. Find the retreat that’s right for you!

3. Choose a package and Join Our Daily Yoga Classes
We have serval packages curated to your needs. If you crave adventure, you might want to chose The Best Of Costa Rica Wellness Package. Or if you want cleansing, choose the Detox. Whatever you need, we have you covered.

In whatever package you choose, you may join our daily afternoon yoga class taught by our in-house yoga instructors at 4:00 PM. Guests who book through our website are welcome, free of charge. Guests who have a personal practice are also welcome to use the studio when it is not in use. You have complimentary access to yoga blocks, blankets, straps, chairs, sandbags and yoga slings.

4. Take Advantage of Our Daily Rituals
What makes Blue Osa special is our commitment to maintaining and holding a sacred space for all of our guests. From the rituals all guests participate in, to the ones you choose to do, you make your retreat as “yogic” as you like. You may read more about the rituals of Blue Osa here.

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