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Three Reasons To Help Greece And Join A Blue Osa Journey To The Mediterranean

In the spring of 2016, Blue Osa is headed to Greece and we want you to come along! After a long winter, you will feel pleasantly warm on beachfront property, savoring scrumptious tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic) and joining invigorating yoga classes.

We have all seen the news, Greece’s economy is in trouble. But there are things you don’t know about Greece that will pleasantly surprise you. And by visiting this wonderful country you will be able to help it in the most direct way. Their economy might be hurting, but Greece’s laid back and joyful culture isn’t. Here are three reasons why you should join on this excellent journey:

1. Lower Prices For You, Economic Help For Them


Greece has made headlines in the news over the last year for debt problems. A downturn in economy however brings a surprising opportunity: increased tourism. Greece wants people to visit. Tourists mean greater business, increased profits and help in the best way to stimulate the country: through job growth.

Everyone will be eager to offer assistance, and there will be great deals to stretch your currency even further. Add that to the yoga of service,Karma yoga, and your trip transforms into a helping hand to the Greek population.

2. A Cheerful Culture That Captivates

Alexis Tsipras: The populist, the leftist who plans to keep his promises

One of the reasons Greece has had trouble keeping up with more industrialized countries is that the Greek culture is lively, personable and people are much more interested in enjoying life than punching a clock.

Because of this more mellow work-life balance the Greeks have fallen behind other countries and need a bit of help to get on their feet. As many of us often struggle to find balance between work and leisure, we could learn a thing or two from the Greeks.

3. Mingle Like a Local

catching up

Conversation in Greece is revered. There is no rushing through dinner or a glass of wine. No eager push out of the table. Guests are expected to lounge and enjoy the sights of the city as they pass by. That nonchalant pace is a welcome relief to the business-oriented approach of most American restaurants.

There is a nice bustle to the open markets and events, but the feel is more of a game. Engaging in local business, chatting with merchants and the feel of haggling over an item is all part of the experience. It’s less about the price and more about the interaction. Put your negotiation skills to work!

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Three Reasons To Help Greece And Join A Blue Osa Journey To The Mediterranean