The Benefits Of Booking Your Vacation in 2021 NOW!

Live your best life now! Live in Costa Rica + Work Remotely

Become part of a yogic community

Have you ever dreamed of living on a beach in the tropics?

Do you have the ability to work remotely?

Would you like to be a part of a yogic community?

Since Blue Osa has opened, we have been a sanctuary to those who need space for healing and inner alignment.

Often we forget to slow down and relax – to find stillness.

Blue Osa is a safe place where visitors could seek answers to life’s big questions and sink into a deeper understanding of who they are. After all, everyone wants to be loved and be a part of something bigger.

Now you can work remotely, wake up every day in a tropical destination, and live the yogic life you have always wanted to.

The Blue Osa Residential Program:

Imagine this daily schedule

5:00 wake up/coffee/sunrise
5:30 beach walk
6:00 meditation
7:30 breakfast fruit plate and fresh farm eggs
9:00 start your remote work day
12:00 a green salad, fresh baked bread, gazpacho.
1:00 continue your remote work day.
5:30. Meet the other community members for a refreshing glass of wine or mocktini
6:30 a mouth watering farm-table-dinner
8:30 quiet time and rest.

Rinse, cycle and repeat

What's included

A Costa Rica beachfront resort || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa || Chlorine Free Pool


You have the option of going single, or choosing one of our jungle beachside rooms.
All accommodations are single occupancy unless you travel with a companion.


Three vegetarian meals a day.

Join our community

Receive a free membership to our online academy to help you immerse yourself more deeply during your stay.
Upgrade to a wellness package.
Join yoga classes that are available during your stay.

Take a flight to the osa peninsula || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat || Skyway


Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez to Blue Osa and return taxes.

Our travel desk will provide support to help you arrive seamlessly.

Benefits of the Residential Program:

  • Live and serve in a community of like-minded people dedicated to serving others.
  • To join in yoga classes when they are offered and available.
  • Breathtaking daily beach walks at sunrise.
  • To enjoy the companionship of three dogs and four cats.
  • To have access to guided yoga practices.
  • To enjoy discounted rejuvenating Spa services.

Seva is a Sanskrit word that means “selfless service.” Seva refers to actions performed with a sense of gratitude, compassion, respect for others, and a heartfelt desire to benefit humanity.

The Blue Osa Residential Program is a rare opportunity to live and serve in a vibrant spiritual community with like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds, while studying yoga, deepening your spiritual journey, and being a part of something greater than yourself.

Participants contribute three hours a day, five days a week of Seva.

Possible duties for SEVA include:

  • • Food services: dishwashing, meal prepping
  • • Housekeeping: cleaning guest rooms, laundry, and other similar duties
  • • Operations: support of day-to-day operations
  • • Gardening: general care of the gardens or farm
  • • Maintenance: general maintenance of facilities and grounds

We invite you to join our community for one month to three months. Or extend your stay as you see fit.

Registration and Fees
Registration is by application only. One to six-month stay. Space is limited. (all options are for single occupancy ONLY unless you come with someone.) All rates are for one month (30-days.)

Basic lodging (shared bathroom) – $1199
Jungle guest rooms (private bathroom) – $2299
Jungle guest room without Seva (private bathroom) – $3499 (This option is if you wish to come and not offer any Seva.)
The Penthouse – $4999 (This option is if you wish to come and not offer any Seva.)

Simple Guest Rooms

These rooms have a small private room with a shared bathroom.

Jungle Guest Room

These rooms offer a spacious setting with a private bathroom.

Jungle guest room (without Seva)

These rooms offer a spacious setting with a private bathroom.



The Penthouse (without Seva)

This room offers a spacious setting with a panoramic view of the jungle and Blue Osa. It comes with a private bathroom.

The Blue Osa Spa Health Program Includes:

• One 60-min massage.
• One 60-min Thai massage.
• One 60-min Reiki session.
• One Muscle Activation Massage.

Fee – $399

Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about Covid19 while staying at Blue Osa.

Costa Rica has taken steps to ensure the safety of its residents.

In the event we have a suspected case of Covid19, we will have rooms sectioned off to quarantine individuals until they can be transferred to a medical facility to be tested.

Blue Osa is an open-air facility on the beach that enjoys continuous sea breezes. The fresh breeze, spacious grounds, and secluded private beach combined with social distancing make it a perfect place to immerse into the space of yoga.

For more information on our safety guidelines, please click here.

What deposits are required to secure my spot?

To secure your spot, a non-refundable deposit of deposit $100 is required. If your flight gets canceled or delayed, we will defer your deposit to a later date.

Is there a discount for couples or friends sharing a room?

These rates for those who would like to share a room together. This option is ONLY available for people who are traveling together.

With Seva:

Jungle Guest Rooms | 1799/person

Without Seva:

Jungle Guest Rooms | 2599/person
Penthouse | 3199/Person

How is the internet for the residents who need to work remotely?

We are very fortunate to be in the jungle and have great internet service. (4Mbs +)

The internet we offer, through the guest network, offers high speed. (Yogi Aaron uses it to teach his online classes.)

We do have a backup internet in case our primary internet does go off.

If you need internet access, make sure you bring your own electronic devices. We do not have or provide ANY electronic devices for our residents or guests.

I have to work during the weekdays. When do I have to do my Seva?

First of all, if you are concerned about getting your Seva in, you can choose the option without Seva.

But if would like to be in the Seva part of the residential program, we can find options and times for you to do your Seva.

We are flexible and will work with you and your schedule.