The Family of Blue Osa: Vic, Diana, Gagan

family of blue osa - gagan pia

Vic It’s really wonderful to be unplugged. I’m a Senior Vice President and part owner of an engineering Company and I’ve spent maybe 5 minutes on electronics since I’ve been here. Usually, it’s like 16 … Read More

The Family of Blue Osa

The family of Blue Osa Susan smith

Susan How and when did you start practicing yoga? I started in 1998. I used to run – I was very wired. Then somebody handed me a yoga DVD and that was it, I fell … Read More

A New Life

costa rica travel adventure

I knew when took the leap of faith to leave my entire life behind and follow my dreams, I would learn incredible things. I knew through this process my life would change dramatically and I … Read More

Total Sustainability Is Our Responsibility


As we sustain ourselves—nourishing and cleansing our bodies through diet, yoga, and meditation—we move toward greater harmony with Earth and all those sharing its habitat.  Spiritual Ecology—an awareness of the sacred within every aspect of … Read More