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We invite you to leave it all behind and just focus on yourself. Create your own journey at our tropical beachfront paradise.

At Blue Osa Beach Resort, we create a space where you can unwind and focus on what is most important to you. We’ll help you take care of all “the details” even before you get here so that you can breathe easy once you’ve booked a package with us. Our guest packages were designed with you in mind. We intend to make your escape as easy as possible so you can be completely relaxed about your getaway even before you walk through our front gate.

Since the best travels involve a balance of downtime and play, we’ve curated a variety of Costa Rican Adventures and Yoga Experiences for you to customize your stay. Browse through the following packages or use them to be inspired to create the right itinerary for you. Or if you don’t want to book a package, go directly to our reservation system and book your stay with us.

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All-Inclusive Packages

The Best Of Costa Rica Package

the-best-of-costa-rica-vacation-packageExperience a little bit of everything in just a few days!

Want to mix adventure and rejuvenation while in paradise at Blue Osa? The Best Of Costa Rica Package allows you to choose your favorites from our most popular spa treatments and eco-adventure excursions:

• Private Accommodations
3 farm-to-table healthy, meals daily at Blue Osa
• 2 Guided Eco-Adventure Tours
Choose two of the following: Matapalo Half-Day Hike, Jungle Adventure Hike, Bird Watching Tour, Mangrove Kayak Tour (Transportation is not included for Mangrove tour + Matapalo 1/2 day hike.)(Tours in packages are non-transferable.)
• Daily Yoga Class
• One 60-minute Spa treatment during your stay
Choose one: Osa Deep Tissue Massage, Osa Tranquility Massage, Coffee/Coconut/Salt Scrubs, Botanical Facials, Aloe/Chocolate/Mud Wraps and more.
• Roundtrip airport shuttle service from and to the airport in Puerto Jimenez
• Roundtrip local airfare San Jose (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez

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This package is available for solo travelers and couples. All services offered in the package cannot be exchanged or credited.

The Total Body + Mind DETOX Retreat Package

Total Body + Mind DETOX Retreat PackageThe Detox package is a body cleanse retreat designed to cleanse the physical as well as the emotional body. As layers of toxins are shed from the body, cleansing is happening on an emotional and energetic level. Through the deeply purifying process of meditation, daily yoga practice, juicing, spa treatments and vegan farm-to-table meals, you will find yourself rested and restored.

The Detox package is for you if you’ve been experiencing fatigue, sluggishness, a drop in energy, digestive problems or a weakened immune system. This powerful detox program clears out emotional and mental blockages to bring more energy, vitality, renewed appreciation and deep connection to your body.


  • Start your day with some fresh lemon juice in a lukewarm glass of water. The lemon alkalizes your body and activates toxin release in the liver
  • Two fresh 100% organic vegetable juices. The juices are served twice daily, in the morning and afternoon and include a green juice and another highly nutritious detoxifying juice made with a combination of ginger, pineapple spinach, lemon, coconut water or celery depending on what is seasonal.
  • Daily sunrise meditation and breathwork session
  • A daily yoga class specifically designed to support the detox process
  • A daily afternoon hatha based group yoga class.
  • One hiking 1/2 day trip to the nearby beautiful waterfall or a local jungle hike (transportation fees not included) (Tours in packages are non-transferable.)
  • One Spa treatment. Choose from Osa Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki Healing, Osa Tranquility Massage, Coffee/Coconut/Salt Scrubs, Botanical Facials, Aloe/Chocolate/Mud Wraps and more.
  • On-site medicinal garden and farm tour
  • 3 fresh farm-to-table meals daily at Blue Osa
  • Roundtrip local airfare San Jose (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez (PJM)
  • Airport Shuttle

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This package is available for solo travelers and couples. All services offered in the package cannot be exchanged or credited.

Private Yoga Retreat Package

private yoga retreat packageIf you crave the 1-on-1 attention of an intimate experience, work with a private yoga instructor to guide you and develop a personal practice during your Blue Osa stay. Together you will increase your strength, stability and comfort on your life’s path.

Your yoga teacher will take an in-depth analysis of where you are – in life and in yoga, before creating the personalized practice to meet your specific needs. Adding this daily practice to your stay will give your trip a grounded quality that is sure to stay with you long after you leave Blue Osa.

• Individual yoga sessions customized to your personal needs once or twice a day
• Private accommodations
• 3 farm-to-table healthy, meals daily at Blue Osa
• Roundtrip local airfare San Jose (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez (PJM)
• Airport Shuttle

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This package is available for solo travelers and couples. All services offered in the package cannot be exchanged or credited.

Spa Package

Blue-Osa-Luxury-Spa-massage-e1434413396115Pamper yourself in the Costa Rican rainforest and indulge in nature’s bounty with a personal spa retreat.

Each day of your stay, choose a one-hour treatment from our extensive Spa Menu. Options include: Osa Deep tissue massage, Osa Tranquility Massage, Coffee/Coconut/Salt Scrubs, Botanical Facials, Aloe/Chocolate/Mud Wraps.

Inspired by the purity of our natural surroundings, we have created a holistic approach to treating mind, body and spirit through the use of natural rainforest botanicals and various Ayurvedic healing modalities. Local plants are extracted for healing properties and used whenever possible. Many of the spa ingredients for our treatments are sourced right here in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

• Private accommodations
• 3 farm-to-table healthy, meals daily at Blue Osa
• Roundtrip local airfare San Jose (SJO) to Puerto Jimenez (PJM)
• Airport shuttle service

• Daily 1-hour Spa Treatments (Choose from options above)
• Daily Yoga Class

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This package is available for solo travelers and couples. All services offered in the package cannot be exchanged or credited.

Additional Eco-Tour Add-Ons

Mangrove Kayak

Kayak through the shade of enchanting 80-foot mangrove trees and see a mind-boggling array of biodiversity. A vital part of the ecosystem the mangroves are a home for all types of animals and insects. You will be able to see rainforest wildlife such as monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards and so much more. On your way back, enjoy one of the nicest swimming beaches on the Osa Peninsula. The trip takes 3-4 hours and dry bags are supplied for your cameras. The paddling is fairly easy and relaxing because your guide will take you up river with the tide and then turn around to paddle back down with the tide.

Tree Climbing

Scale the largest original jungle gyms in the forest! With this tour, you are top roped while climbing an enormous, user-friendly strangler fig, roughly 70 feet to a viewing roost 450 feet over the Golfo Dulce. Level of difficulty determined by the “root” you select (pun intended). After exploring the lofty perch and view of the ocean, an exhilarating free fall/swing brings you safely back to earth.


The real essence of enjoying an adrenaline-packed vacation in Costa Rica lies in participating in activities that come under various avatars of zipline and canopy tours. This is among the most thrilling activities and at the same time the safest. Glide through the canopy 30 meters up in the air at eye-level with 90% of the forest wildlife. Enjoy the thrill of the ride. Low impact and easy to control your speed. A little dizzying being up so high. Let the magical opulence of the Costa Rican rain forests seep into your consciousness while you travel from one zip-line to another.

Animal Sanctuary

A 45-minute boat ride across the peninsula to the only Animal Rescue situated within the grounds of a National Park. Meet Carol Patrick, founder of the OSA Wildlife Sanctuary and her monkey Sweety as they take you on a close-up guided tour of the grounds to see animals such as sloths, macaws, capuchin monkeys and other wildlife. Lunch on the boat is followed by a short snorkel where you may see dolphins, manta rays, and turtles.

Waterfall Rappelling

A very unique way to see the Costa Rican rainforest flora and fauna. Hike to the top of several waterfalls and rappel down them with a friendly tour-guide and rappelling instructor. You’re harnessed in so it’s very easy and very safe, but not advisable if you have knee problems. The rappel down the last waterfall is even safe enough for you to hang upside down! The tour ends with a short hike to the beach where you can jump into the Pacific Ocean.

Matapalo Half Day Hike

Hike in a river (bring your water shoes!) and through a lush rainforest to a beautiful waterfall. It’s common to see monkeys, wild turkeys, amphibians and insects in their natural habitats along the way. After sighting a monkey or tree and maybe a coati, jump into the waterfall to cool off before trekking back.

Step 2: When Do You Want To Travel?

Travelers often ask us, “When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

We always answer, “Whenever you can get here!”

We recommend checking availability now as we have limited space at our intimate yoga eco-resort. Because the Osa Peninsula is blessed with wonderful weather year round, just decide when you can visit and the weather will be perfect for you. Though the guidebooks have suggested that the ideal time to travel to Costa Rica is during the December through May, we enjoy gorgeous sunshine and a stable climate of approximately 75-85 degrees year-round.

Of course, don’t try looking for that information via online weather reports. Our private oasis is so off the map, Google has yet to find us. Fun fact: The 19,730 miles (about the size of West Virginia) that make up Costa Rica actually house many different climate zones! The Weather Channel can’t keep up with us. The bottom line?

The time to visit Blue Osa is whenever you want!

Check out Blue Osa’s Live Weather Channel here!

Step 3: Make Your Reservation

Now that you have chosen the ideal getaway for you:

1. Fill out the Blue Osa Online Reservation form.

2. Your request will be confirmed immediately, and you will make an initial deposit.

3. Balance is due upon arrival.

Book A Personal Retreat Now!


We have a saying here in Costa Rica: Pura Vida. It means full life – and at Blue Osa, we aim to give our guests just that. Each of our rooms and bungalows is uniquely designed to deliver on comfort, convenience and relaxation. Whether it’s heightened ocean views, a serene garden setting or a spacious beachfront bungalow, at Blue Osa you’ll find purpose-built, jungle-chic rooms that create the ideal setting for a tranquil, restorative yogic stay.
Blue Osa RoomsBlue Osa Rooms
Blue Osa RoomsBlue Osa Rooms
Blue Osa Rooms

All of our 13 rooms are equipped with:

• A private bathroom and shower.

• Elegant, modern furnishings.

• Fresh bed linens.

• Bath + beach towels.

• Large, screened windows.

• Overhead fans.

• Reading lamps.

• A personal safe.

• Ceiling fan.

As our guest, you will automatically have access to the following amenities:

• Tranquil, private beachfront.

• Free Wi-fi.

• Chemical-free 70-feet lap pool.

• State-of-the-art yoga pavillion (with ocean view).

• Daily farm-to-table meals.

• Optional bar service for alcoholic beverages.

• Puerto Jimenez airport shuttle service.

Get Ready

If you haven’t already, visit our FAQ page to get a better idea of how to prepare for your trip. Here you’ll find information concerning everything from the local currency (don’t worry, they take dollars here!) to what to pack (very lightly) to how to get here.

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Blue Osa. We can’t wait to meet you!

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