Corporate Retreats: You’ve found the perfect location. Let’s get your planning started!

In today’s fast paced environment well-being is relevant and vital to all corporate cultures.

Blue Osa corporate retreats provide the catalyst to reset the clock and truly focus on your organization’s ambitions. We provide the opportunity for your team to recharge and reignite their passion. The effects are long lasting. The Blue Osa corporate retreat experience will result in higher levels of creativity, work performance and employee satisfaction.

Every aspect of the Blue Osa corporate retreat experience will be customized to your organization’s unique needs. From the moment you contact Blue Osa – to the closing dinner – our aim is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We provide everything you need to stay balanced and focused.

Plan your own agenda and incorporate any Blue Osa offering or amenity (yoga, spa, off-site team building excursions) into your retreat vision. We provide everything you need to design and deliver a successful retreat experience. Your organization will not find a more refined and relaxing atmosphere than the inspiring beachfront Blue Osa property.

Let the talented and accomplished Blue Osa team assist you in reserving a customized retreat experience. Utilize our luxury accommodations, Eco-spa and our off-site excursions to deliver a highly engaging and memorable experience. Incorporate innovative practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness into your agenda to provide a healthy balance of goal setting and staff development.

Contact our experienced team to begin designing your unique and customized Blue Osa Corporate Retreat experience.

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What You’ll Experience

  • Renew, recharge and reconnect.

    Give your team open space and fresh tropical air to receive the complete stillness and depth of consciousness they deserve.

  • Team Bonding

    Feel the warmth and love of your companions and feel the strength of community as you bring your team closer together.

  • Open your soul fully in a divine cleansing experience

    From the farm-to-table meals you eat, the fresh, ocean air you breathe, to the quiet stillness in the atmosphere.

  • See You In Paradise

    Escape into a truly exotic experience in the jungles of Costa Rica through amazing eco-tours.

What This Will Do For Your Team:

  • You have an amazing team that is dedicated to your company’s mission. Give them an experience that radically opens their heart and strengthens their resolve.
  • Discover the power of stillness and embrace stillness. Get out of the routine of life, examine and reflect as teammates in a powerful way.
  • Build trust in new and unique ways. Replace stress with inner peace and awareness.
  • Create new experiences; watch your team grow and become more aligned each day.
  • Strengthen the bond between your teammates. They are your most valued commodity.
  • Learn how to make BIG shifts – in mind, soul, body and life – that can only happen with personal life transformations.
  • Through experiencing the power of the rainforest, a deep connection to nature is formed and they will embrace a different mindset of living.


Bring your group to Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa and have exclusive access to our gorgeous teak meditation/yoga open air studio with ocean views, chemical-free pool and our private beach.

Room-9-3 (4)• 24 – 38 person capacity, eco-chic rooms
• Inclusive of meals and transfers
• Inclusive of flights (optional)
• Tranquil and secluded setting
• Complimentary use of meeting spaces
• Remote beachfront location
• Dedicated, full-service eco-spa
• Up to 13 guest rooms, 38 beds, and addtional off property private housing
• 70 feet, chemical-free, ionized lap pool
• Arrangement of local eco-adventure tours
• Access to the Osa rainforest preserves
• Organic garden providing farm-to-table meals
• Free Wi-Fi and internet access

Why Should I Bring My Team To Blue Osa?

What makes a company great? The people who make your company successful.

Not only will holding a corporate retreat inspire your team, it will enhance the way you are seen as an owner or manager.

Hosting a corporate retreat will directly impact the performance and quality of work your team will produce once they return. Because when you raise the bar, your star rises. It’s time to reinforce your mission and your message to your team and make your truest and boldest impact on the world!

Your team will get a true, deeper and authentic experience with you during your retreat. The trust you will build during your corporate retreat will continue to grow for months, if not years after your immersion in the Blue Osa experience.

Holding a retreat can drastically improve the way you’re perceived as a leader.

When you give your team a pure and unforgettable retreat experience, you take your business to the next level, experience economic growth, and truly transform your business.

The only question you have to answer is how big of an impact do you want to make on your business?
How much do you want to grow?


“It’s a Way of Life”
Pure life. Pura Vida.

At Blue Osa, it’s all about love. Everything from the friendly smiles of the staff, who know you by name, to the way the bread is baked daily from scratch; everything is done mindfully with love.

With 12 to 14 eco-friendly rooms and a capacity of 38+, our intimate beachfront eco-resort offers the ultimate sanctuary to those seeking solace from the hectic world. Nestled off-the-beaten-path in the virgin Costa Rican rainforest of the Southern Osa Peninsula, Blue Osa offers tailor-made experiences for individuals, groups and retreat leaders.

Guests have an endless selection of quiet places to meditate, reflect and read. Only 50 meters away from the waves, you can see our private beach from our elegantly designed open air studio. Onsite, there is also a chemical-free lap pool for an afternoon swim.

Yogic not only in design, Blue Osa encourages guests to be mindful by implementing a morning silence, every day, until 7:30 a.m. to a pre-dinner ritual of presenting the food during their freshly prepared organic farm-to-table, family style meals.

For full relaxation, there is also a full-service eco-spa offering locally sourced fruit facials and body scrubs. Massage practitioners offering therapies such as Watsu and Deep Tissue Massage. A Chinese Medicine acupuncturist is also available.

Life is a never ending learning experience. We provide our guests with ample opportunities to discover, learn and grow. Everything from our adventure tours to our meditation and yoga classes, to our communal meals and spa treatments are carefully crafted with this in mind. Learn. Have fun. Discover new worlds, inside and outside of yourself.

We’re An Eco-Resort


Being off-the-grid, Blue Osa is not dependent on any external power lines and sewage system. We are a self-sustainable micro-grid that runs mostly on solar power. We seek to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible. Servicing 38 guests and 20 staff at maximum capacity, we use about the same amount of energy that a US household of 4 people use per month.

In living in harmony with the environment, guests are able to experience true mindful living in balance with the earth. It’s one of the reasons why we’re green in design:

  • Water and Waste is Recycled. There is no need for a sewer system at Blue Osa. Instead of dumping waste directly into the ocean, waste goes into a biodigestor that breaks down the waste into materials that are composted or used to water the lawns on the property. There is also a rain catchment system so when it does rain, the harvested water goes right into the water tanks. The laundry detergent that goes into the laundry machine is bio-degradable. Blue Osa uses their gray water from the laundry machines and puts it back into the garden. We are working hard right now to become paperless. We urge guests not to flush toilet paper into the toilets. There are no hairdryers, air conditioners, or microwaves on the property.
  • Environmentally Friendly Landscaping at Blue Osa. The beachfront is planted with a local long grass called vetiver, a perennial grass with deep roots to help prevent beach erosion. Blue Osa has a biodynamic organic garden on the premises. There are mango, starfruit, papaya trees, and a pineapple grove on the property. No herbicides or pesticides are used to maintain them.
  • Food is Farm-to-Table. Blue Osa gets all its fruit and vegetables from our own organic garden, coconut trees and pineapple patches on the property or from the local fishermen and neighboring farmers who use principles of organic farming.
  • Blue Osa Invests in the Local People and the Community. The staff at Blue Osa are employed year-round. We have anemployee training program and also actively sponsor students at a local school.
  • Blue Osa Promotes Local Eco-Friendly Businesses. Hosting a local farmer’s market on Tuesdays, local jewelers, ice-cream vendors, and artisans display their wares for guests to purchase. Blue Osa also promotes local sustainable eco-tours to the rainforest and contributes a portion of the Animal Sanctuary tour fees directly to the sanctuary. Blue Osa also encourages their guests to use Nature Air, the world’s only carbon-neutral airline. Some of Blue Osa’s vacation packages include the price of a flight on Nature Air.


Many of our guests grow to appreciate the rhythm of life here so much that they feel inspired to bring aspects of it into their daily lives at home.

Add Eco-Tours To Your Corporate Retreat

Eco-Tours are not only a great way to experience the best of Costa Rica, but they will bring your team closer together.

Here are four of our favorite tours.

Relax And Let Us Take Care Of You

We have a saying here in Costa Rica: Pura Vida. It means full life – and at Blue Osa, we aim to give our guests just that. Each of our rooms and bungalows is uniquely designed to deliver on comfort, convenience and relaxation. Whether it’s heightened ocean views, a serene garden setting or a spacious beachfront bungalow, at Blue Osa you’ll find purpose-built, jungle-chic rooms that create the ideal setting for a tranquil, restorative retreat.

What Other Corporate Retreat Participants Are Saying!

  • “Every now and then I encounter a sacred space where I stop and think, someone really sat alone with a vision and heart-intention in order to manifest a space for deep holding, healing and transformation. Aaron the owner at Blue Osa, has clearly dug in very deep! … Thank you Blue Osa for creating an expansive space for creativity, mourning, healing, possibility, dreams, connecting with childlike parts, desire, permission, and a bunch of other quiet pauses for magic to simply snuggle up next to us and speak personally and miraculously in our own task of stilling our lives…. Blue Osa is simple, refreshing, peaceful and playful. It can’t fully be described because it must be felt with the heart. I have already booked my retreat dates for next year. It has become for me and my group a special home.”

    Rebecca C. Boston, MA
  • “My Blue Osa experience was beyond my expectations. My hours were spent in wonderful sensory overload with delicious meals and becoming one with nature that is so bountiful at Blue Osa….warm waves on a long secluded beach, mated macaws flying overhead, breathtaking sunrises, monkey serenades and the loyal dogs of Blue Osa that keep you company while playing in the waves. I was there for a yoga retreat in April and a retreat it was in every sense of the word.”

    Lori Boston, MA
  • “I’m a bit reluctant to write this review of Blue Osa simply because once I post this review on Trip Advisor the secret of this Paradise location will be out. And then every Conde Naste travel magazine will be swarming all over this oasis.

    As an NYC retreat leader, I had the daunting task of managing the schedules of 20 amazing students. I had concerns at first given the size of the group. But Blue Osa and the family there were Amazing!!! It was especially helpful having the courteous and attentive (but not overbearing) service of the Blue Osa staff. They were so engaged and present – Aaron and Adam are so wonderful, warm and open but they are also SUPER professional. It was such a pleasure to work with them as I am a hardcore logistics-oriented type of person(an uber-planner). From the very start, every e-mail was responded to and concern was addressed. Aaron knows how to run this place and he is not just an authentic yogi but a real pro. Just WOW!

    On Day One we were greeted warmly by Michael, Blue Osa’s chief-of-staff. He, too, was exceptional – with organizing meals, being flexible with arranging the tours and helping with every little detail. Throughout the week every single person was given the utmost attention – we were basically family.
    Everything – the staff, food (the mahi mahi), the level of professionalism, cleanliness (rooms, kitchen), design/layout (yoga studio, pool area) – about Blue Osa exceeded expectations! We continue to reminisce about our Blue Osa paradise here in NYC!!!”

    Juan Gamboa New York, NY
  • “I have been running retreats since 2005. I have taken groups to multiple different retreat centers in multiple regions of the U.S.A + Costa Rica.

    In Feb 2015, I took a group of 23 savvy retreat participants to Blue Osa. We all agreed will never go anywhere else in Costa Rica ever again!

    1. The Owners:
    Adam is a professional designer and it shows in every exquisite detail of the structures and landscapes. Not only is the ascetic breathtaking, the energy flows so beautifully. There is lots of private and communal space. It’s truly paradise.

    Aaron is a master of hospitality, staff recruitment, and training. He lights up any space that he enters; he is a living embodiment of fearlessness and joy.

    2. The Staff
    The staff is incredibly friendly and supportive. All I can say, is that ANYTHING I asked for I got with a smile, and I got smiles from them constantly!

    3. The Yoga Studio
    This is by far the most “epic” outdoor yoga classroom I have ever been in. It’s on the second floor overlooking the ocean, fully equipped and has an amazing sound system. It is SO spacious with high ceilings and fans. My favorite practice space ever!

    4. The Food
    omg…. fresh, clean, healthful, and oh so tasty. It is also presented with love by the amazing kitchen staff.

    5. The Rooms
    Clean, elegant, stylish and perfectly comfortable beds!

    6. The Excursions
    There is so much to do in this region and we had so much fun here!.. kayaking, chocolate tour, dolphin watching on a boat to an animal sanctuary (my personal favorite experience), waterfall repelling, zip-lining… the list goes on and on.

    7. The Spa Services
    Right next to the fabulous pool area, the Blue Osa Spa is simple and serene. The healthcare practitioners here are impeccably skillful and professional. My group had them booked the whole time! Once people had a massage, they wanted another one. I saw the acupuncturist twice and really benefited.

    8. The Blue Osa Vibe
    The vibe is Pura Vida at its finest, “pure life!” – It’s kindness, compassion, peacefulness, acceptance, adventure, relaxation, delight, friendliness, courtesy, openness, uplifting, enjoyment, nourishment, joyfulness and sacredness.”

    Karina Ayn Mirsky Kalamazoo, Michigan

Customize Your Corporate Retreat with the Following

  • Morning Meditation/Yoga Sessions led by Yogi Aaron or another inspiring yoga teacher. This is the perfect space to eliminate doubts and release any negative energy that’s stopping you from being your most creative self. Get your mind, body, and spirit infused with the energy and principles that will ignite inspiration for your business and team.
  • Beautiful spaces for your team meetings; including remarkable open-air venues.
  • Three farm-to-table meals a day. Food that nourishes the body and soul, our organic, family style meals are prepared by our Kitchen Mother, Marie. Mindful of guests’ health and dietary needs, Marie’s dishes are vegetarian oriented and often include a protein – fish caught from the sea, poultry, or fresh farm eggs from our garden.
  • Costa Rican Coffee and Tea Daily. Sometimes, you just need to sip on something lovely to unwind and relax.
  • Eco-Friendly Accommodations. Sleep in the luxury of a comfy bed as the light pours in the large windows to illuminate your personal space on the resort. It’s the perfect spot to take a break under the overhead fans. Open a book during your down time.
  • Spa Treatments. Enter a sacred space of healing with our full-service spa. Receive purifying facials, therapeutic body scrubs and wraps, acupuncture treatments and rejuvenating massages – all with locally sourced fruit facials and body scrubs.
  • Roundtrip flights from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez (via Nature Air). We love offering Nature Air tickets. They are the world’s only carbon neutral airline and a great eco-friendly way to travel.
  • Shuttles to and from the airport in Puerto Jimenez.

Choose Your Corporate Retreat Package

The following are the corporate retreat packages we have designed for your ease and enjoyment. We will customize any package to further enhance your retreat experience at Blue Osa.


4 packages to choose from Escape Enrich Explore Engage
Exclusive use of Blue Osa
All 12 Rooms for 1-32 people (additional rooms available)
Daily 3 farm-to-table meals
Airport shuttle service
All Taxes
Free wireless internet
Meeting spaces
Staff Tips
60 Minute Massage Service
Team Building Tour
Daily Yoga Classes
Open Bar
Local Flights
Waterfall Rappelling Tour (or another of your choice)
Eco-Spa Package (2 1/2 hour)
Surfing Lessons (or another of your choice)
Community Contribution Project
One Night in San Jose at the beginning or end of the retreat
One facilitator for team building practices is provided
Extra Lodging for 1 couple or 2 or 3 single people
Private Charter local flights
Two extra nights in San Jose and local tour
Two facilitators with Blue Osa Corporate Program
Lodging for 1 to 4 persons off property

Blue Osa Retreat is for you if…

  • You’re ready to manifest your dreams into being. You’ve been holding onto a vision of the path your life is meant to follow and you’re ready to get a jump-start on it.
  • You’re tired of doing things on your own and are ready to kindle new friendships and connections that will help you grow in business and life.
  • You know you’re meant to do more and want to spring out of the box of mediocrity and into a place of infinite possibilities.

Blue Osa Retreat is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not prepared to dig deep and potentially awaken a new self.
  • You’re not prepared to take action on the plan we create during the retreat. This retreat is to help you develop and solidify a strong plan for a successful retreat – only YOU can see it through.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

~ Henry Ford

Because of our intimate size we provide undivided attention to every detail of your corporate retreat. Our warm and helpful staff are happy to arrange everything from venue selection to catering.

For group activities or team building, let us assist with any and all adventures: nature hikes in the rainforest, chocolate tasting tours, an airplane ride over the Corcovado National Park, surfing lessons, or team building outings such as ziplining and waterfall rappeling.

We look forward to hosting you and your team at Blue Osa. It is a gift for us to be in service to you. If you have any further questions that are not answered on the website please contact us.


Yogi Aaron
Master Teacher and Blue Osa Co-Founder

Still Have Some Questions?