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A Sacred Journey to India with Yogi Aaron

India – a place of magic, mystery and awe.

The origins of yoga are found everywhere in India which is why so many people, hoping to catch a glimpse of this ancient mystery, make this journey. The Divine is said to dwell here and, for centuries, pilgrims have journeyed to the heart of the Himalayan Mountains seeking their blessing.

Majestical beyond comparison, this region of the Himalayas is considered by many travelers to be the most physically beautiful place in the world. As the very birthplace of meditation and yoga, it is rich with spiritual history as well as natural beauty. For millennia, heartfelt spiritual seekers have taken refuge here to connect to their innermost selves.

We invite you to journey with Yogi Aaron into the heart of yoga on this sacred journey into the Himalayas.

Join us in this amazing adventure to deeply transform and align yourself more closely with the person you want to be.

Sep, 8 — Sep, 21 | $2890

Organizer: Blue Osa