Wise Words on Meditation From Our Favorite Yoga Teachers

The Best Places To Meditate At Blue Osa Yoga Studio

We are blessed to have some amazing yoga instructors from all over the world rolling through Blue Osa in the coming months.

Here are some powerful words on meditation from some of our favorite yogis!


1. Harriet Alterowitz from Back to Bliss Yoga

Words On Meditation Harriet Alterowitz

“Meditation brings us back to ourselves. As one of the eight limbs of yoga it complements the practice of asana by taking us deeply into our own true nature. It’s a powerful tool to remind us of our own loving heart.”

2. John Thurman from John Thurman Yoga

Words On Meditation John Thurman

“Learn how to sit comfortably first! If you have discomfort or pain while sitting, meditation will be challenging! I like sitting on a block and clearing my mind in front of my own personal alter, or just sitting outdoors in with the sun on my face and focusing on a mantra. It is really important to take time with yourself and check in with where you are at – physically, energetically and with your mind.”

3. Lena Judek from Yoga to Heal

Words On Meditation Lena Judek

“A lot of people want to start with meditation because they have heard about how beneficial it can be, but they don’t really know how to start. My advice – start simple! Start with breathing meditation, where you sit for a minute or two throughout the day, preferably in the morning, to practice long, deep and mindful breath. You can meditate anywhere at any time of the day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a seated position. Make this new habit a priority and stick with it.”

4. Susan Smith from One Yoga

Words On Meditation Susan Smith

“It takes a minimum of four minutes for your brainwaves to come to rest before you can even enter that gap, so you need to meditate for at least six minutes. Watch what arises in your mind like you are watching a movie where you don’t know what will happen next. If you really struggle with coming to stillness you may need to tire your body out beforehand through exercise.”


5. Kino MacGregor from Kino Yoga

Words On Meditation Kino MacGregor

“You don’t need to have a calm mind in order to start a meditation practice. In fact the more disturbed your mind is the more you will benefit from meditation. Meditation is a mindfulness training for the mind. You build mental and spiritual strength by learning how to harness the full faculties of the mind. If you start today you will quickly see measurable results that will translate into more peace in every moment of your life.”

6. Yogi Aaron

Words On Meditation Yogi Aaron

“A teacher of mind once said, ‘Meditate, so that you make better decisions. If we make better decisions, than we will make better futures.’ And another teacher said that if we want to change our futures it won’t happen in Asana, and it won’t happen in PranaYama. It only happens in meditation. After doing this practice for 27 years, I can say that those statements are pretty accurate. If we really want to affect the course of our life, getting still and turning our attention to our innermost sacred sanctuary is essential.”

7. Adell Bridges

Words On Meditation Adell Bridges

“I think people get intimidated because there’s this misconception that you have to reach some sort of enlightenment or journey to other universes through your third eye. Maybe that can happen, but ultimately meditation is super simple. It’s just taking a little bit of time to be at one with yourself. And it takes practice like anything else. It’s not easy at first, but you get the hang of it if you just keep at it.”


8. Erica Vucich from Vibetality

Words On Meditation Erica Vucich

“There is an expectation out there that meditation is a process of sitting down and having no thoughts. That sets us up for instant frustration because our minds are designed to process information constantly, every moment of the day – even when we sleep we are busy burning mental energy. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s a vital part of being human. Meditation is the skill of directing the brain to focus on what we want it to focus on and training the mind to be our friend instead of our enemy. It is a process that takes time and when that time is taken can be a life changing experience. That stillness and peace we are all craving comes in time through the practice of directing the minds attention – not trying to stop it.”


9. Honza & Claudine Lafond from Yoga Beyond

Words on meditation Honza & Claudine Lafond

“When starting a meditation practice, keep it simple. Begin by focusing on your breath, in a comfortable seat for five to ten minutes and progress from there. Be easy about it and try not to get frustrated when you loose your focus – this is perfectly normal. Meditation reduces stress and brings more overall happiness.”


10. MacKenzie Miller from MacKenzie Yoga

MacKenzie Miller Yoga Quotes

“Meditation is important because it breaks up the effort based focus of modern life. It slows down the doing and allows you to be. The process of sitting with yourself and finding comfort in that stillness and silence (even if it’s for the briefest of moments) makes a difference. Your nervous system will surely thank you.”



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