Why You Need To Be Meditating

why you need to be meditating

There are endless benefits of meditation mentally, emotionally and physically, and it is a practice that goes well beyond the mat improving our general well-being and life.

Here are some of the most notable benefits and reasons you need to be meditating!

Stress Less

When we meditate our breath becomes slow and steady as we come to a place of inner peace and calm. This reduces our stress levels as we feel grounded and connected to ourselves and the world we live in.

We often find ourselves living in a place of external chaos, a busy city or workplace, and although you cannot control this external environment you can control your internal state of being and your mind. Meditation reduces stress and burnout caused by modern life as it cultivates a place within us of peace and wellbeing that we can go to at any time.

Increased Focus

Meditation leads to an improvement in our ability to concentrate and maintain our attention on tasks throughout the day. When we meditate we are teaching our brain to focus on one specific thing and to ignore distractions.


It is surprisingly rare that we put our complete focus and attention on only one thing, usually we are multi-tasking such as texting while watching tv and cooking dinner. This increased focus brings clarity, improved efficiency and better performance.

Manage Anxiety and Depression

Meditation is a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety and depression. When we meditate we bring ourselves fully into the present moment, aware of only what is happening in the now. This awareness assists us outside of our meditation practice as during our daily life we begin to observe the mental chatter that doesn’t serve us.

By being present we are not giving energy to negative thoughts, worrying about the past or future. Essentially meditation brings us to a place where we no longer engage with the negative chatter of our mind.

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Be Present

Meditation teaches us to become fully aware of what is happening in the moment. This is an important skill to learn, consider how often you miss what someone is saying to you because you’re distracted by something else going on, or when you get to work but can’t really remember the drive there.

Improved mood

By connecting with the stillness and peace that is inside us we become a calmer, happier and generally nicer person. Meditation helps us to regulate our emotions and realize we do not need to be a victim to our emotions. You are able to handle negative thoughts and emotions that arise without being overpowered by them.

Enhanced Sleep

Meditation practice cultivates an ability to focus on breathing and not engage with the plethora of thoughts thrown at us by our monkey minds. This ability makes it much easier to fall asleep and often results in better quality and less disturbed sleep.

How To Be Your Own Lover Journaling and Meditating

Less Reactionary

Those who meditate are able to remain calm and handle challenging situations as they simply come back to their breath and the present moment. By coming from a place of mindfulness you can respond to difficult situations from a place of peace. Because meditation practices the act of observing our thoughts, we begin to understand that we are not a slave to them.

Live Mindfully

The mindfulness cultivated from meditation carries over to other aspects of life, for example, you might notice yourself eating more mindfully being aware of the tastes and textures of your food.

We are also much more self-aware, noticing the thoughts and emotions that arise in our minds. This means we get to know ourselves and become more authentic, differentiating between our real selves and the drama of our minds.

Meditation really does have the power to change your life!


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