Why a Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica Could Be the Best Choice of Your Life


When I was 12 years old, I went on a family vacation to Costa Rica. My parents were the adventurous types, and they were looking to share a totally different travel experience in a lesser known part of the world. It was early in the game when the tourist market hadn’t yet reached its peak and Costa Rica seemed like a rather exotic, off the beaten path destination of choice. My brother and I were dazzled by the plan.

From the lush jungles and cloud forests teeming with Avatar-esque wildlife and towering foliage to the rustic beaches where howler monkeys “whooted” their way through nearby canopies, the dynamic topography and its creature inhabitants made for some of the best spirit lifting eye candy I had ever known. This was nature at its best. And everything felt so ALIVE. I knew I had landed in paradise, and I knew I would return, again, and again.

Getting Started With A Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

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My love affair with Costa Rica grew through adulthood, as the next 20 years prompted multiple excursions into the best “out there” spots around the country. In 2014, I stumbled upon an extraordinary yoga retreat spot on the picturesque Osa Peninsula: Blue Osa. New to the region, Blue Osa offered retreaters a place to rest and recharge, boasting a gorgeous yoga studio “perch” overlooking the greenest of grounds and a nod to the sea, eco-chic accommodations creatively designed by a city-turned-tropical master, Adam Dolle, an in-house spa and outdoor lounge area surrounding an ionized lap pool, an organically-inspired restaurant, and the most incredibly welcoming staff. Adam and co-owner/master yoga teacher, known affectionately as Yogi Aaron, had created THE SWEETEST slice of yogi heaven right off the beach. I was hooked!

There’s nothing quite like practicing yoga amidst the sounds and sights of nature. At Blue Osa, I couldn’t wait to awaken with the rising sun, catching glimpses of Macaws soaring in tandem across the morning sky as I drifted into meditation. With agoutis at play, the occasional curious anteater traipsing across the lawn, and a background symphony of bird songs and monkey “chants,” I kicked my recent playlist to the curb and opted for the real deal surround soundtrack and epic visuals to inspire my flow.

Not only was I personally entranced by the nature play, I couldn’t wait to share the experience with my retreat group. From sweaty good asana to delicious savasana, we took in this Costa Rican magic as if in a spellbound collective dreamscape. It was amazing to watch everyone’s stress disappear by simply dropping into Blue Osa’s natural beauty. You couldn’t help but let go and get your tropical ON.

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When we weren’t in lounge lizard mode between classes, we’d ramble into the jungle for a refreshing zipline, hike to secret waterfalls and plunge into the ocean for a rejuvenating cleanse. We’d build up quite the appetite throughout the day, so when it was time to gather for dinner, everyone was ready to feast. Blue Osa’s Chef Marie, a French veteran in the kitchen, tantalized our tastebuds with the freshest of fresh ingredients often plucked straight from the garden. The communal dining experience brought everyone that much closer together, and by the end of the week, new friends felt like friends for life. Good people and good food made with love tends to do just that. We were having such a stellar time that no one seemed to notice that our retreat week was flying by. And no one wanted to leave.

Costa Rica brings out the adventuresome spirit in everyone who’s curious enough to check in with their inner animal. This country brings you so close to nature, you can eat, sleep and breathe it. You become a part of it. Blue Osa brings you home to the experience. Taking a retreat in this amazing country, and especially at Blue Osa, is a life-changing experience.

Whether you’re setting the intention to heal, relax, tune in, connect, or love up on sloths, Costa Rica may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

About The Author

Jordanna Yoga Retreat Leader Bio PhotoJordanna is a New York and California State licensed acupuncturist, nationally certified Chinese herbal therapist, certified Forrest Yoga instructor (RYT-200) and certified Authentic Pilates instructor specializing in pain management, injury recovery & prevention, and emotional balancing.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Dramatic Art-Dance from the University of California at Berkeley, she completed a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In addition to operating a dual private acupuncture and pilates + yoga + barre practice, Jordanna has instructed both individual and group classes in large-scale gyms, privately owned studios, homes, and offices throughout the New York area since 2002 and most recently, in San Francisco.

She is the co-creator of Barre Burn, an ultra fresh and fierce Equinox group fitness class with international acclaim. Nationally, Jordanna has led numerous Master Classes and Teacher Trainings in this dynamic, powerful method.

Clients gravitate toward her movement + healing arts sanctuary for compassionate care, inspiring flow and magical healing touch. With a whole-hearted penchant for travel, Jordanna LOVES leading seasonal wellness retreats from the local to the exotic, brightening spirits along the way.

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