Where Are They Now: Featuring Chessa

Where are they now Blue Osa Chessa.jpg

Before I signed up for yoga teacher training I was living my life and making all decisions based on judgments of how society wanted me to be and by the advice of my family.

However, what I thought was pleasing to everyone else was not making me satisfied and left me seeking change. I had no stability or contentment in my life.

My Life After Yoga Teacher Training

My entire view on life has changed after completing Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training in November. I understand now that life is yoga. Yoga is to be one with the Devine and the Devine is in all of us. My habits have changed and I no longer seek everyone else’s opinions. I now sit still, quiet and answer from within anything that concerning my life.

My journey at Blue Osa made me more confident in myself, gave me a personal practice and the skills to teach. I now teach multiple classes of my own and am sharing what I believe is Yoga Bliss.

Thank you, Yogi Aaron, for showing me the limitless possibilities in my life.


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