What I Learned Being The Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

What I Learned Being the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

And how I overcame my fear of travel on the road.

By Alexandra Kovacova aka The Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

People keep asking me a few questions over and over again. How do you manage to travel permanently? How do you support yourself on the road? And most of all … Do you find it difficult to go around the world as a female traveler?

Well, after spending almost 4 years on the road and professionally travel blogging from more than 45 countries, I can proudly say fear is not a thing that could stop me.

But it doesn’t mean I do not feel fear at all. I used to be scared of so many things in life … dogs, sports, crowded places, giving presentations in front of many people, being independent, feeling lonely …

It all changed when I quit my stewardess job and started traveling without having a home base more than 3 and a half years ago. Looking back and thinking of all the messages I’ve got about my decision ever since, I do admit it took guts to leave everything behind and travel to one of the most dangerous countries, Mexico, on my own with just a small carry-on luggage.

Traveling might be the most challenging thing in the world as it forces you to get out of your comfort zone every single day, and I could not agree more with that. You have to sleep at different places, get in touch with different cultures and open your heart to strangers who might not even speak your language.

Yet after so many experiences out there, I am not fearless, though. Years of experience have just taught me that the best thing to overcome your fears is to do exactly what you are frightened of. I would not say I am scared of heights, but I do get that ”respect” feeling when I even find it difficult to breathe but I still jump out of a plane, hike to the top of a mountain and take photos at the edge of it, pet tigers, play with snakes or snorkel with sharks. There are moments with a lot of fear in those situations, trust me … Makes you wonder what helps me to do all these scary things then? I believe in myself and as well in the Universe that it holds only the good things for me.

I also believe that there’s always kind people everywhere you go. There’s people who will offer you help, invite you to their house for dinner, show you around or just give you directions when you are lost without expecting anything. In general, people around the world are nice, generous and do not want to rob you, nor rape you. It’s just a very few accidents when that happen but if you keep a positive attitude and always walk with a smile on your face, you will also attract people with the same energy to your life.

I also learned to use my common sense and intuition to overcome my fears on the road. If either my brain or my inner feeling tells me not to visit a certain neighborhood or bring my passport with me instead of leaving it behind at a hotel, that’s exactly what I’d do. I was robbed once in Brno, Czech republic, then in Barcelona, Spain and also in Playa del Carmen in Mexico but I realized what I did wrong there and I do not repeat the same mistake anymore. If you don’t leave your valuables in any easily reached pockets and always keep an eye on your bag, you don’t have to feel scared of them getting stolen, which is one of the things travelers get the most afraid of.

I was afraid of dogs until my family bought a huge mountain Bernese dog … I was afraid of heights until my first sky diving … I was afraid of presenting in front of hundreds people until my first big presentation … I was afraid of traveling on my own until I hopped on the plane to Mexico alone. Overcoming your fears is like yoga – you might fall for a few times until you learn what to do to deal with it.

So from a traveler’s point of view, my best advice on how to overcome your fears is to get out of your comfort zone and do what you are scared of. Use your sixth sense though, trust yourself, trust others, believe in the good in the world, repeat positive affirmations to yourself when meditating and manifest love. Love attracts love.

About the author

Alexandra Kovacova is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. Alex first quit modelling to get 2 MA degrees at the University instead and then she also quit her stewardess job to pursue her biggest dream of traveling around the world.

After living in 6 different countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Spain, Scotland, Italy and Mexico) Alex has been permanently on the road taking photos, videos and professionally blogging since March 2011. Thanks to the main blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler she has visited more than 45 countries and it’s on a mission of visiting every single country in the world.

Switching to mostly raw vegan diet and getting more into yoga, Alex also started with another blog Fit when Traveling to inspire others to stay healthy and in shape when on the road.

Connect with Alex:

facebook: www.facebook.com/crazysexyfuntraveler

twitter: twitter.com/Sexyfuntraveler



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