What I Found On The Beach In Costa Rica


Thundering on the roof above, the tropic rain filled the cocina with sound. I watched the rain drip from the palms, nourishing the world around me. Then, bursting through the clouds, the morning sun ignited the ocean transforming the water into a field of shimmering light.

I looked out past the palms mesmerized by the crashing surf in the distance.

Suddenly, the rumble of a huge wave shook me from my trance and all at once, unable to resist the urge to explore, I was out of my seat calling to the dogs: “Rama, Shiva, come on!” The puppies Pete and Steve were quick to follow and we were off.

We reached this beach with smiles on our faces, the drying sand cracking and crumbling pleasantly underfoot. I made my way testing the textures of the shore with my toes, jumping and kicking as I went. The ocean on my right the jungle on my left, Rama and Shiva sniffing through the bush as Pete and Steve chased shadowy fish. It felt like these guys were giving me a lesson in letting loose and sinking in.

So, I stopped.

I filled my lungs with the salty sweet ocean air and took it all in Steve running after the surf, Pete cooling in the water, and then, gazing out at the misty cloud-capped mountains across the peninsula, a huge Egret, wings spread wide, passed by skimming the water right before my eyes.

Walking the beach I found a moment that would never be again and I couldn’t help but smile.


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