There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Typical’ Yoga Teacher

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One of my greatest fears before signing up for yoga teacher training was that I wasn’t ‘yogi’ enough to call myself an instructor. After all, I’m not vegetarian. I don’t own mala beads. I’ve never been to Wanderlust Festival. I don’t even own anything Lulu Lemon (gasp!).

Obviously, my fears were based on superficial self-doubt, and I soon came to realize that there is no mold that yoga teachers must fit into. In fact, it is absolutely beautiful that we are all different and unique, united by the fact that we each passionately believe yoga has the power to transform lives.

Here at Blue Osa, we are honored to have numerous yoga teachers from around the world come to share our special space in paradise. There are other countless yoga teachers who we have yet to meet in person, but who provide us with daily inspiration on their social media accounts. Today we want to put the spotlight on a few of these teachers. They are each delightfully wonderful for their own individual reasons; we know they’ll inspire you to stay true to the beautiful person you are, too!

Everett Newell

“The intensity of your workout is not necessarily proportional to the benefits received. Meditation and relaxation should be as big a part of your fitness regimen as cardio and strength.”
– Everett Newell
Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Yoga Retreat Everett Newell
Everett Newell is no newbie to the energetic arts. He first began practicing Hapkido, a Korean Marital art, in 1978, which contributed to his passion for health and fitness. Newell then began practicing yoga in 1992 and would go on to practice “Sri Vidya”, the oldest living tradition of yoga that exists today. Everett is currently leading awesome retreats around the world with Zuna Yoga.

Read more about Everett Newell in his Confessions of a Fit Yogi or on Zuna Yoga.

Darren Main

“Once we understand cause and effect, we can stop complaining about the effects of our choices and start making more mindful decisions about the thoughts we entertain, the people with whom we associate and the quality of life we want to live.”

-Darren Main


Darren Main


Darren Main is not only a yoga and meditation instructor, he’s also an author and entrepreneur, providing “resources for the Urban Mystic”. Main leads retreats around the world, but gets extra cool points for leading a donation-based yoga class inside San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral—a pretty epic studio if we do say so ourselves!

Read more about Darren Main on personal website.

Susan Smith

“Take a moment, stop, physically stop, look at the person next to you, observe everything and let go. Let go and allow the universe to tell you where to go.”
– Susan Smith.


Costa Rica Yoga Retreat February 2014


We’re honored to have Susan Smith lead yoga retreats at Blue Osa every year. Smith is a yoga teacher, a spiritual guide, and the author of “The Power of Yoga’. Her personal vision is to improve the quality of life for all individuals by sharing the practical approach of yoga principles and practices.

Read more about Susan Smith on One Yoga.

This American Girl

“Through the deep listening enabled by the stillness and mindfulness that we cultivate in a yoga practice, we can connect with our own voice of wisdom that contains the truths that serve our individual selves best.”
– Camille Willemain.


Costa Rica Yoga Retreat February 2014


We were thrilled when Camille, founder of the popular travel blog This American Girl, was able to visit Blue Osa for our very first press week. Camille is a new yoga teacher, having recently finished her yoga teacher training program in beautiful Costa Rica. Her blog is filled with gorgeous musings about mindful living, food, health, and—of course—travel!

Read more about Camille Willemain on This American Girl.

Mara Panacci

“What we need is a Renegade Revival. A total shift in consciousness. A renewal of our soul’s longing to feel connected, enlivened, sensual and like what we do, matters.” – Mara Panacci

We love Mara Panacci, a traveling yogi mama and founder of Yoga Renegade. A nomadic adventurer myself, I can appreciate Mara’s ability to travel the world, inspire others with her programs and workshops, run a successful business—and do it all with a family in tow. And in Panacci’s words, it’s about time we all “Unleash the rebel within.”


Yoga Teacher


Read more about Mara Panacci on Yoga Renegade.

Yogi Aaron

“My goal as a yoga teacher is for you to know true stability in your life. To become a great force of good and never be disturbed by anything.”
– Yogi Aaron

There was no way I could write a post about yoga teachers without including our very own Yogi Aaron. My yoga teacher during the 30-day teacher training program, I can definitely attest to the fact that Yogi Aaron is anything by ordinary. Aaron’s teaching is motivated by a desire to teach people how to connect to the harmony that is naturally inherent within themselves and others. If you ever get to take a class (or teacher training) with Yogi Aaron, don’t miss his rare accounts of studying closely with spiritual masters on his treks through the Himalaya Mountains!

Yoga Teacher

Read more about Yogi Aaron on his About Page.

Do you know of another awesome, quirky, inspiring, or fun yoga teacher? Let us know who they are in the comments below!

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