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The Nature Of Yoga Practice: Why Do We Practice Yoga?

Unlike the gym, yoga really does give you an opportunity to look at your body, your fitness level, and check in to see if it is where you really want it to be.

I personally got into yoga because when I observed that people got old because they lost mobility in their body and thus lost mobility in their minds. Those people who were older, but exuded a youthfulness, were mobile and strong in mind, body and spirit. Many of you find it hard to believe that I was a lot stiffer fourteen years ago than many of the beginners who venture into here. Through doing yoga once a week, over the years it cultivated to a daily practice and I have been able to open very stiff areas while finding new opportunities for this body to express itself. (No pun intended.)
The yoga mat gives you the opportunity to face yourself, work hard sensitively and feel good about yourself. How will you EVER know your fullest potential unless you dedicate yourself to finding it?

Bryan Kest…

“The emphasis of the yoga was “being connected to something larger than ourselves that we were all part of.” It was about community, hugging instead of shaking hands, cooking not just eating. It was about eradicating the things that separate us all, yet respecting the differences between us. It was all so much more than the physical practice, but the physical practice seemed to be the glue holding it all together.

I walk away from my practice feeling whole, complete, satisfied and full. I don’t believe any other person can give you that. They can only help you to create the environment, so as you yourself can tap into it. Nobody can do the work for you. I have to untie my own knots.

I have to develop the strength to disempower my own habit patterns. Nobody can do this for me. And this is what the practice is all about. Quieting the mind means disempowering the habit patters of thinking, judging, competing and attachment and being open to what I am feeling or knowing. In other words, “the teacher” waits patiently behind the busy mind. And when I quiet my mind (yoga practice) and experience where I am and what I am feeling, the wisdom starts coming through. Real knowledge of whom I am and what I need manifest as it is supposed to. And there the real yoga begins “living my truth.

So let’s use our yoga classes and our yoga practice to create the most ultimate environment to quiet the mind, so we can access the teacher waiting inside!!”

Make a commitment to your yoga practice and to your community. To do it at least once a week. Taking 2, hours in a 168 hour week of your life to open your body and inner world.