The End And A New Beginning

the end of a yoga teacher training

by Joe Germinario

A New Beginning

The teacher training has come to an end. It was sad to see everyone go, but you know what they say, letting go lets gives you a chance to look back and cherish the time you’ve spent together.

One month ago we knew nothing about each other, we were just faces, people who had come together with a shared intent: to deepen our understanding of yoga and learn how to share what we know, but now after 30 days together we’ve become a community.

We’ve watched each other grow as people and as teachers. We’ve learned from one another. We’ve butted heads, we’ve gotten along, we’ve deepened relationships, we’ve struggled, we’ve delved deeply within ourselves, and we did it all together. Now that we’re all moving ahead, it’s hard to imagine continuing this journey without that immediate community.

Today I went to meditate and found myself alone on the yoga deck wondering if this was the same place. I was surprised how hard it was to meditate without the communal support. I’ve had difficult meditations over the last month but the communal encouragement kept me still. Disheartened at first, I stopped and remembered my breath, it wasn’t easy but I put in the effort. Strangely enough, if it wasn’t for the last month of work we had put in I probably would have just got up and left.

There’s a French word that sums up our entire experience. The word is Élan.

It has four definitions:

1) Impetus, that spark that sets things in motion. This was our love of yoga. It brought people from 4 continents together to learn.

2) Build up – the steady increase of speed and effort. This was the way we fuelled each other as Aaron fed our drive with his teachings.

3) Momentum – After our last day of yoga, you could see the strength and energy that we had all accumulated. 30 days of dedicated meditation and practice was propelling us all back into our everyday lives.

4) Love – in all its forms. Moving forward with such momentum, the question is can we continue to fuel our progress with love?

Though we all came for different reasons, in general, I think we were all seeking freedom. Maybe it was the freedom to practice more confidently, the freedom to teach, or simply freedom from whatever was blocking us from ourselves. I’m not sure any of us found complete freedom after our 30 days together, but I do know one thing, we’ve all been given the means to cultivate love for ourselves and share it with our communities. After all, this is the first step towards freedom. For as we all know – there can be no freedom for those who have no direction to shine their love.



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