The Employees of Blue Osa: Chin, Rafa, Chuletta, and Jessica

family of blue osa - Rafa


What is your biggest dream?

“I did not manage to fulfil my dream but I do expect my daughter to become a professional and lead a very successful life. I’d like her to become a doctor and thus help a lot of people.”


family of blue osa - chin


What makes you happy every day?

“Hm I don’t know, food? If I eat, I feel like woo hoo (laugh.) If I had to give you a more serious answer though, it would be my dog then, he is very affectionate. He always comes at meal time too. He truly makes me very happy.”


What is your biggest dream?

“To visit Brasil. I just love it and would so love to go there. It might be for women too (laugh) and I just don’t lose my hope. Yes, I keep dreaming of visiting Brasil.”


family of blue osa chuletta


What did you achieve that you are proud of?

“First, when I graduated college. I think I am more proud of the fact that I have achieved my dream, I bought a ticket to Costa Rica. I had a dream, I quit my job, I left my boyfriend and left home, I was open to the universe and this is where it brought me, to Blue Osa.”


family of blue osa jessica brown



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