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The 8 Benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques in Yoga

8 Benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques in Yoga

Beyond the buzzword, Muscle Activation Technique™ (MAT) is a powerful way to improve your physical health and overall well-being. Have you heard the whispers about MAT muscle activity therapy? Ever since famed quarterback Peyton Manning credited MAT for his recovery,… Read More

7 Healing Benefits of Chakra Alignment

the chakras | how to align your chakras

Chakra alignment plays a crucial role in the success of our life. If your chakras are not aligned, the chances are that you will feel burnt out, have little motivation, and communication with others will require more energy. We can… Read More

The 20 Best Yoga Poses for Two People

Looking to spice up your practice? Maybe it’s time to step back from your individual routine and try fun yoga poses for two people. Partner yoga poses offer a powerful way to move deeper into postures. Plus, you’ll build trust,… Read More

Types of Yoga: How to Choose the Yoga Type for You

find out if you are ready for yoga teacher training

“So, what type of yoga do you practice?” If you’re a yoga lover, you’ve likely heard this question before. There’s only one problem… Questioning the style of yoga someone practices is a lot like asking: “What’s your job?” or “Where… Read More

7 Baby Steps to Face Your Fear of Handstands

retreat with John Thurman and Mimi

I think of handstands being like cats or dogs: you love them or hate them. The hate comes from fear, usually of falling and injury. Two weeks into volunteering at Blue Osa I attend a yoga class focused on ‘fear’… Read More