Share Your Inner Wisdom

Share you inner wisdom and knowledge

“You are ready to get back out in the world and share your inner wisdom.” by Jerko Bozikovic Last month 14 students from 4 continents started an inner journey at the Blue Osa yoga teacher … Read More

How Yogi Aaron Broke his Leg in India

what i learned from breaking my leg

by Yogi Aaron Prelude What it is that pulls me to the Himalayan Mountains? What, for that matter, draws anyone? What is the allure and why even make a journey to India? In actual fact, … Read More

Shantaram vs Ramayana

Costa rica yoga

By Dekoji A Study of the Ramayana and Shantaram How does someone write about a country of one billion people speaking hundreds of languages, practicing all of the world’s major religions? How does someone write … Read More