Morning Silence: The Key to Stop the Chaos

Blue Osa Yoga

By Lara Staying silent in the morning, how hard could that be? As it turns out, it was much more difficult than I had initially thought. However, even though it was challenging at first, maintaining … Read More

Healing Anxiety with Yoga and Meditation

Bee Bosnak

In our Expert Interview with Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide and Reiki Healer, Bee Bosnak, we explore how weaving yoga and meditation into daily life can help improve physical illness and emotional health. Bee shares her … Read More

The Yoga Practice of Service

The Yoga Practice of Service

A pathway to transforming inner and outer realities through yoga. “Your real Sadhana, a spiritually powerful Sadhana arises from the inside. It wells up from the heart with the motivation of love and flowers naturally … Read More

A Traveling Yogi Discovering India

Traveling Yogi India

By Brian Gorman Even now, almost seven years later, I cannot articulate why I decided to travel to India. Traveling to India was never on my “have to go there” (or even “want to go … Read More

What does being on a pilgrimage to India mean?

himalayan masters

COURAGE LETTING GO TRANSFORMING EMBRACING SPIRITUAL LESSONS SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE TRUST LOVE These are a few words I’d use, to sum up traveling through India. I’ve traveled through this amazing country four times, and … Read More