Blue Osa’s Beets With Orange

This crowd-pleasing salad is great for picnics and potlucks. Your guests will appreciate the vibrancy of color and taste. In addition, beets are high in natural nitrates which promote blood flow and increase energy. In … Read More

Marie’s Star Fruit Crisp Dessert


Healthy and decadent, this dessert is a Blue Osa original. The exotict star fruit is topped by  a sweet, yet savory, crumble and a tangy cream.  We are blessed at Blue Osa to have 3 … Read More

Eco Friendly Farm To Table Cuisine

Fruits in Costa Rica

“Each and every meal at Blue Osa starts with a probing of the garden of earthly pleasures to find the fruits and vegetables that will wield the proper succulent and savory flesh from their protective … Read More

Clean Your Nose

Benefits Of The Neti Pot

A couple of years ago in Yoga Plus, one of the feature’s was on the Neti Pot.  I think the article was in response to the overwhelmingly positive response to the mention Oprah gave to the neti pot on her show. … Read More

The Facts About Butter

facts about butter

Pass the butter ~ ~ ~ ~ This is interesting. For those who know me intimately know my butter habits. (Yes it is a real habit.) Many people often shake their heads in bewilderment, but … Read More

Yoga For Your Digestive Problems

yoga for digestive problems

What is the digestive system? The digestive system is a set of organs that help process the food that we eat. It is important for the body to breakdown this food, so that the vital … Read More