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10 Ways Yoga Will Help You Stay Young Forever

10 Ways Yoga Will Help You Stay Young Forever

It’s time to stop searching for anti-aging pills and time to move into downward facing dog! This is not to say you will completely stop aging, it’s the natural process of life for your body to have changes as growth… Read More

Staying Fit Whilst Staying Centred

staying fit whilst staying centred

As I write this from my luxuriantly shaded perch in Blue Osa Yoga Retreat, I’m looking out across the sun-dappled pool and spa area with its lines of sun beds and meditation temple. The breeze that ruffles through the dense… Read More

8 Inspirational Fitness Quotes To Get You Moving!

"You Said Tomorrow Yesterday" - Inspirational Quotes

If staying fit were easy, we’d all be walking around perfectly chiseled. But let’s be real. We all experience ups and downs while on the journey toward fitness. Whether you’ve been working out all your life or you’re just getting… Read More