Staying Fit Whilst Staying Centred

staying fit whilst staying centred

As I write this from my luxuriantly shaded perch in Blue Osa Yoga Retreat, I’m looking out across the sun-dappled pool and spa area with its lines of sun beds and meditation temple. The breeze … Read More

Healing Anxiety with Yoga and Meditation

Bee Bosnak

In our Expert Interview with Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide and Reiki Healer, Bee Bosnak, we explore how weaving yoga and meditation into daily life can help improve physical illness and emotional health. Bee shares her … Read More

Confessions of a Fit Yogi


By Faiz Noorani I’ve been in a relationship with my body my entire life, we’ve never left each other for a single second. It’s a beautiful thing when you can still find new ways to … Read More