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5 Ways to Improve Your Health & Live Sustainably

In the past decade, environmental awareness has become a hot topic, striking global interest in ways to contribute to the longevity of our Earth and its resources. But with increased workloads, responsibilities, and what seems like not enough hours in… Read More

How to Celebrate Earth Month All Year Long

Celebrate Earth Month All Year Long

By Olivia Christine Perez Blue Osa prides itself on its sustainable practices, including solar-powered and farm-to-table living. But you don’t have to live off the grid or in an eco resort in order to do your part. In celebration of… Read More

How Blue Osa is Staying in Touch with Earth Day

earth day blue osa

“Earth Day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more sustainable and liveable place.” – Scott Peters Photo Credit: Bruce Irving 42 years ago, Earth Day was initiated to promote awareness and… Read More

A Guide to Green Travel: Go Green or Go Home


Ah Gen Y, look at us go! Brought up in a world of privilege – our parents (bless them) raised us to believe we can be whomever we want and do whatever we please thus kick-starting our never-ending pursuit of… Read More

Earth Day? Earth Month? No, it’s Earth Hour!

celebrate earth hour

By Robbie Allison-Young With attention mounting towards Earth Month, and more specifically, Earth Day (this year on April 22, 2015), there’s another environmental initiative that has taken the world by storm – Earth Hour. When is Earth Hour? Earth Hour… Read More

Top 10 Sea Turtle Rescue Projects Around the World

Sea turtle rescue is a well-established initiative all around the globe. Sea turtles have been around for millions of years and are one of the most primitive groups of reptiles on earth still living. Over the past 200 years, however,… Read More

Save the Sea Turtles on Your Next Yoga Retreat

The Sea Turtles head to the ocean in Costa Rica

Yoga Teachers: Have you planned your next yoga retreat? The travel industry is currently worth more than 1.9 trillion dollars.* Yes, that was TRILLION! The travel industry has no sign of weakening as wanderlust gains popularity. Instagram is full of… Read More

The Best Yoga Studio In Costa Rica

blue osa yoga studio costa rica

With the Blue Osa yoga studio, we’ve created a space where transformation happens naturally. A space that’s rightfully the centerpiece of our eco-resort – and the best yoga studio in Costa Rica. Its open-air design provides inspiring, tree-top views of… Read More

Living Eco-Friendly as a Way of Life

Living Eco-Friendly as a Way of Life Blue Osa Costa Rica

Eco-friendly is often a marketing term used to promote products that are earth friendly and non-harming to the environment. Yet it can also be embraced as a way of life. Eco stems from Ecology, the study of the relationships between… Read More