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Our Stories

Guanabana Caramel Flan Recipe

guanabana flan bue osa costa rica recipes

Living in Costa Rica gives us access to great fruits and vegetables that you would never find anywhere else. One of those fruits grows in abundance at Blue Osa – guanabana also known as soursop. We are so fortunate to… Read More

Chocolate Brownies

chocolate brownies

Who does not deserve a small slice of heaven, right now? These brownies are timeless and classic. If a little goes a long way, enjoy it, guilt-free, with your coffee – then come back for seconds. Divine! Chocolate Brownies From… Read More

Caramel Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

How to make peanut butter caramel fudge

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent us a recipe for fudge which we promptly gave to Marie asking if she could make it. The staff always keep a special stash of sweets at Blue Osa for our emergencies…. Read More

Blue Osa's Pineapple Jam

At Blue Osa we have a pineapple patch and that produces a bounty of pineapples twice a year. This is a great way to preserve this sweetness of this fruit. We enjoy sharing this delicious jam with our guest with… Read More

Marie's Star Fruit Crisp Dessert

Healthy and decadent, this dessert is a Blue Osa original. The exotict star fruit is topped by  a sweet, yet savory, crumble and a tangy cream.  We are blessed at Blue Osa to have 3 large star fruit or carambola… Read More