Our Vision For The Blue Osa Garden

Blue Osa garden vision

By Lara Healy Our Blue Osa garden vision is to create a space for selfless service, environmental preservation and eco-conscious education. In November 2014 I arrived at Blue Osa eager to participate in their volunteer … Read More

Blue Osa, An Instant Home

Blue Osa an instant home

Something special happened when I got to Blue Osa, and I knew it the minute I stepped foot on the property. Maybe it was the ocean greeting me from the entrance. It could have been … Read More

The Family of Blue Osa: Vic, Diana, Gagan

family of blue osa - gagan pia

Vic It’s really wonderful to be unplugged. I’m a Senior Vice President and part owner of an engineering Company and I’ve spent maybe 5 minutes on electronics since I’ve been here. Usually, it’s like 16 … Read More