Spicy Cocktail Recipe

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The Blue Osa signature Spicy Cocktail comes to you from the shores of Costa Rica. It will wake up your senses and offer a surprising south-of-the-border kick. Our farm-to-table cocktail uses home grown jalapenos and … Read More

Spicy Passion Fruit Cocktail

Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Spicy Passion Fruit Cocktail

If you’re looking for a new and unique cocktail with a kick, then we have the drink for you! A signature recipe of our resort manager and bartender, Michael, this tasty beverage is just the … Read More

Great Farm to Table Cocktails From Costa Rica

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Try These Delicious Cocktails From Costa Rica Blue Osa’s Paradise Surprise Cooler Cacique Guaro is the national alcohol of Costa Rica and made from cane sugar. The ingredients for this drink are local, the star … Read More