Saving the Sea Turtles

By Lianne Raymond One of my favorite memories from my stay at Blue Osa was watching a bunch of baby sea turtles emerge from their shell and eventually make their way into the Pacific ocean. … Read More

Volunteering: A Path to Happiness

Volunteering A Path to Happiness5

By Sarah Barnes Earlier this year, Miley Cyrus (yes, I’ve started my blog about happiness with a story about the controversial Miley Cyrus, hang in there with me, I have a point!) gave a homeless … Read More

How To Make The Most Out Of Volunteering

How to Make the Most out of Volunteering

by Lindsay Samuels (A former Volunteer at Blue Osa) Four years ago, I chose to leave my structured life as a Band Director, selling and giving away almost all my belongings to travel through work … Read More

The Secret Confessions of A Volunteer

The Secret Confessions of A Volunteer

By Valentina Rose I was ready to leave my life of a stressed yoga instructor in Miami. Miami is a really fun city but does not fit my taste for narrow alleys, cute cafes, farmer … Read More