Student Spotlight With Ryan: What Led You To Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training

Student Spotlight

Today we are incredibly excited to be introducing you to Ryan Beeson! Read on to discover the hurdles Ryan faced before coming to yoga teacher training at Blue Osa, her goals after the program, and more!

Let’s start with an introduction! What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you ‘do’?

My name is Ryan Beeson and I am from the beautiful town of Whitefish, Montana. I work as a registered dietitian and am working on starting a business with my best friend to teach healthy lifestyles and provide yoga classes to all. I am a huge foodie and love to cook delicious healthy meals, but I also desire bacon on Sundays and a glass of something bubbly most evenings. Oh – and cheese… let’s never forget the perfect creation of French cheese! My ultimate desire in life is to travel the world, meet new people, and experience unique cultures and foods, all alongside my best friend and husband.


How did you start practicing yoga? What was it about yoga that caught your interest?

I started practicing yoga at my local gym many years ago. I used to view physical activity as a chore rather than a hobby. But yoga opened my eyes to my physical and mental capabilities. I left class feeling warm and fuzzy all over, sore but also content. Now I feel so full of joy and love when practicing, and my mat is one of the few places I am able to leave behind the stress of day-to-day life. One day I want to be able to pass on this feeling and gift to others.

When did you decide to commit to a yoga teacher training program?

I had been looking for the perfect yoga teacher training for the past year, continually dreaming about it even though I didn’t think it would be possible. The idea of an immersion course seemed so out of reach—leaving behind my career, husband, and pup for a month, spending money I didn’t have, going to an unknown place all by my lonesome. Support came in waves from my friends and family, but it was my husband who went behind my back to borrow the money we needed. I had given up all hope of making it to Blue Osa until my husband took that step to make it possible. I knew with this much love being sent my way, this journey was meant to be.


What appealed to you about an immersion program?

Blue Osa was my dream yoga teacher training. I have always wanted to travel to Costa Rica, and spending 30 days meditating by the beach, practicing yoga with macaws singing outside, eating gourmet meals made with love—it all lust seemed right. For me, an immersion program seemed essential so I could leave behind all the hustle and bustle that takes over my mind every day, and replace it with nothing but each day’s set intentions. To be surrounded by like-minded people, lending a helping hand, and supporting one another as we all step into this scary, exciting journey together is an amazing gift.

What are your goals for both during and after the yoga teacher training program?

During the training program, I hope to experience personal growth by learning to quiet my mind and becoming more in tune with my thoughts through meditation. I also hope to accomplish new feats every day, both mentally and physically, as we go through the process. When I come back to reality, I want to spread the yoga love and teach in any way possible to lead my future students along the path to the warm, fuzzy, feel good wonders of yoga.

What three words best describe how you feel at this very moment, prior to boarding the plane?

Dreamy-eyed, energized, and terrified


What is one piece of advice you would like to give to other yogis who want to take their yoga practice to the next level, but have some fear holding them back?

Let go of the fear, ignore your doubts, take a step forward, and live this one life you get.

A huge thanks to Ryan for sharing her inspiring story about coming to Blue Osa! The training wouldn’t have been the same without her radiating smile and ready willingness to demonstrate so many poses.


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