Share Your Inner Wisdom

Share you inner wisdom and knowledge

“You are ready to get back out in the world and share your inner wisdom.”

by Jerko Bozikovic

Last month 14 students from 4 continents started an inner journey at the Blue Osa yoga teacher training. 29 days later they are at the eve of their final day. Where did time go? We all remembered our first week when we first started learning the insights of the asanas, the treasures of the philosophy, the secrets of the body and the unknown territories of the mind. So much to learn and discover, and this was only week one.

29 days later many secrets were unveiled. Everybody discovered different aspects of their body in both easy and challenging asanas. Pranayama and meditation were challenging every morning at 5am but we found peace in it, discovering the depths of our own minds. Not to mention the several yoga philosophy books we read like the Yoga Sutras from Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita or Hatha Yoga Pratipika. These books 1.000-year-old books were like road maps to into our minds, our real nature, the universe.

Our students also taught one morning meditation session and 2 full 90-minute classes to the other students as well as many locals. There they could integrate all they had learned the past 29 days.

It was beautiful to see them grow and mature. They learned so much from each other and Aaron, but mostly from the inner journey they all took.

And tonight we come to a place where we can start closing down. Tomorrow will be our final practice, some free time and graduation. A party will be thrown with many locals who supported the students in their journey, and on Monday everybody will continue their own journey.

This group will never again be together in the same setting as they were for the past 30 days, but you know what? I’m convinced that in every class that they teach back in their home countries, something from everybody will be included. And that is a blessing to know.

May you all have safe travels and keep on spreading the yoga tradition and your inner wisdom wisely, fully and lovingly.



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