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Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John Cottrell

“We are the warriors and conquerors of our own weaknesses. By nurturing our inner warrior, we prepare ourselves to deal with our own life challenges.” –John Cottrell, Yoga With Intention

Retreat Spotlight: Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John Cottrell

It is part of being human to face obstacles and struggles on our life path, but we don’t always possess the tools to overcome them.

What if you could use your yoga practice on and off the mat in order to affect real change in your life? You can at Blue Osa, with the help of John Cottrell’s yoga retreat, Yoga With Intention. This retreat will start you on your journey to uncovering your passions, your talents and your Dharma, or life purpose!

The Book


John’s Book, Yoga With Intention: A Yogic Life Journey From Awareness to Honoring, is the foundation for this retreat. This practical guide reads like a soulful how-to manual for bringing meaning and strength to your personal yoga practice. In it, you will find specific and simple exercises that can invigorate your practice and relationship with yourself.

It is written with you, the busy practitioner, in mind, so you can pick up the book, open it to any page that serves, and practice the lesson. It is filled with detailed asana, meditations and pranayama that you can do at home or anywhere. It’s like having John at your fingertips whenever you need a guide or inspiration!

Yoga With Intention is crafted with love and care for the individual yogi, presenting poses and meditations with a flair for the personal so you can apply them directly to your own goals. Don’t have time for a full practice, but need a quick solution to stress or fatigue? John has also created short exercises for immediate relief from stress, and to quickly bring energy and balance back to the mind and body.

The Retreat


Blue Osa Yoga Retreat


Even without a regular yoga practice, this book and retreat are designed to help you assess your unique life situations and use yoga techniques to help move you along your path.

Whether you are celebrating milestones in your life or dealing with struggles and challenges, these experiences will be shared in the circle and community that will come together at Blue Osa. As a Yoga Life Coach, John is able to hear your story and individualize your practice to find your personal strengths and help you deal with your unique obstacles.

A daily routine of asana, pranayama and meditation will help enhance positive feelings and reduce lower vibrations. This work is enhanced through worksheets, group discussions, and projects to help express these situations and work through them. The retreat will be supportive on many levels, through the yoga practice, connection to nature, sharing wonderful meals together, the excursions and more.

John is well-equipped to help you learn the skills to allow your life on the mat and your life off the mat to run parallel with each other. In doing so, you will make both realities more meaningful and powerful.



Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Osa


“Believe in yourself and the power comes.”

We tend to be our own worst critics. But if we manifest kindness to ourselves, we access the ability to be kind to others. John will teach you how to cultivate self-love and make positive self-talk a habit that lasts. Who doesn’t want to love what they see in the mirror, and to have a positive impact on the people around them?

Deepening your yoga practice at the beautiful Blue Osa resort can open you up to your greatest potential for lovingkindess and for a life well-lived. By using our obstacles and challenges to grow, we build a stronger sense of who we are. Through this, we learn that we don’t always have to seek strength from outside sources- we have plenty of it already within!

It is up to us to make the choice to take charge, move forward and face our life battles head-on. John’s retreat can help you start this important work!


About The Author

courageJohn Cottrell’s passion is empowering people to cultivate inner strength and grow into their true potential. He believes we can move closer to a mind, body and spirit connection through yoga and fitness, and by doing so, we can manifest healing, inner strength, and overall well-being. John has a PhD in clinical psychology, and has therapy experience with children, couples, groups and drug and alcohol treatment. As a psychologist and Certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 500) & Yoga Therapist, he combines western therapeutic technique and eastern yogic philosophy to help people heal and grow!
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