Room 10 - Balance (Room 10)

Sumptuously nestled amongst the trees and wildlife of Blue Osa, prepare for an authentic Costa Rican experience. With one queen bed and one double bed, this room features a large bathroom and memorable views of the surrounding jungle.

Just a stone’s throw away from the chlorine-free lap pool, a short walk to the unspoiled beach and within meters of the dining room, yoga and spa facilities, this room offers an experience unlike any other in Costa Rica.

Be sure to choose Blue Osa and you’ll find Balance and composure in this authentic jungle cabina.


Please note all of our rooms are available as private rooms  with private bathrooms, if so desired. As a solo traveler, simply indicate the room you prefer, no matter the number of beds available in the room. Our (or we can say Blue Osa's) wish is for your comfort in our slice of jungle paradise.