Pleasure, Fun, Adventure And Ziplining In The Rain


“Life is what happens, for those who show up to it.” – Yogi Aaron

A couple of weeks ago, Blue Osa entertained a fantastic and enthusiastic men’s group. These men were from the United States, Canada, and different parts the world. They answered the call to action and showed up ready to participate 100%. They practiced yoga diligently four times a day. They went waterfall rappelling, horseback riding, hiking, and surfing. The teachers were Bryan Harrelson, John Cottrell and myself, Yogi Aaron.

On day four of the retreat, we all set out at 11:00 AM for the “Supreme and Ultimate Zipline / Canopy Tour” which takes place on the other side of the Golfo Dulce, near Golfito. When we left Blue Osa, the sky was clear and it was so beautiful. We took a majestic boat ride across a very calm bay. During the journey there, the air was filled with laughter from the stories that we shared about our lives. Dolphins came to play with the three boats which carried us and the boat captains knew how to use the boats to play and entertain them.

Upon arriving to Golfito, we were shuttled up to the Ultimate Zipline tour. Many people ask what is the difference between this tour and the regular tour? On this tour, one of the cables is 1/2 kilometer long, and you are going so fast that it is over in 35 seconds. Several of the cables are almost this length as well. During the tour, you also have a beautiful view of the entire Gulf and the Osa Peninsula.

Only on this particular afternoon, it began to rain, and rain very hard. But that did not stop anyone from getting the most out of this experience. We all laughed and joked the entire time embracing every thrilling moment it brought. The refreshing rain gave us an entirely different experience. Every person who came on this tour was more enriched because of it.

As the owner of Blue Osa and the host to many yoga groups who come here, I do not get the opportunity to get out and be a part of these excursions. I feel so blessed to have been apart of this men’s group and to have had the opportunity to play with them throughout the week. Together we all showed up to life and fully participated in what was offered.

by Yogi Aaron



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