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Blue Osa Safety Policies and Guidelines for Covid19 in Costa Rica

We ask that all of our guests be vaccinated for the safety of our employees, community and other guests.

If you choose to not be vaccinated:

  • You will need to purchase mandatory health insurance required by the government of Costa Rica. (See below. 👇 )
  • As a guest of Blue Osa, and to keep all of our guests and staff safe, you will need to show a negative Covid19 test from an authorized laboratory (a home test is not accepted) that was taken within a 24-hours of your arrival to us. Be prepared to present it upon arrival. (If you are traveling throughout Costa Rica, you will need to be tested prior to your arrival at Blue Osa.)

The above-mentioned is for those who are NOT vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you do NOT need to purchase additional health insurance and do NOT need to be tested for Covid19.

Covid19 Testing Requirements

Although Costa Rica does NOT require a negative Covid test to enter the country, many countries such as Canada and the United States DO require a negative Covid test to come home.

Blue Osa is in partnership with doctors and labs in our local town, to provide a PCR Covid test 1-day before your departure. Additionally, there are testing facilities in the San Jose (SJO) International Airport.

Blue Osa will schedule the appointment in Puerto Jimenez for you. You will go there and take the test and return to Blue Osa. You will receive the results after you take the test via email.

The test is currently $160 plus the shuttle fee to Puerto Jimenez. Occasionally, with large groups, we are able to have the Doctor come to Blue Osa to administer the tests.

Alternatively, you may also get a rapid test at the international airport. This rapid test in the San Jose Airport (SJO) is provided for a fee of $65. They suggest that you arrive at the airport 4 hours before your departure. (Follow this link for more information.)

Currently, all travelers entering Canada and the US require a negative test.  (This is a link to the U.S. state department’s requirements.)

Covid19 guidelines required by Costa Rica

Updated versions of these requirements are listed here.

Fully Vaccinated Travelers and Minors: Starting on August 1, fully vaccinated tourists and all minors will no longer be required to show Covid travel insurance.

For travelers who are NOT vaccinated, you must have: 
Travel insurance covers medical expenses of at least US $20,000 (twenty thousand US dollars) and isolation and accommodation expenses of at least US $4,000 (four thousand US dollars). This insurance must cover all possible medical costs in case of COVID-19 contagion and must be purchased from an authorized travel insurance agency registered in Costa Rica.

We STRONGLY recommend you to get your insurance from the national Costa Rican provider, The National Insurance Institute (INS).  (The page is in Spanish – we suggest using Chrome browser to translate it.)

Travelers entering Costa Rica with this insurance are guaranteed entry.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board will receive a request from the tourist. That request must include:
• A signed declaration indicating the policy meets the requirements.
• Proof from the insurance company indicating the policy covers the tourist(s) (for those who are NOT vaccinated only.)

Complete the online form called “Pase de Salud” (Health Pass). This form is available online at In that same link, visitors can purchase the required health insurance. (This is the same link as in step 4 above.)

Your Safety At Blue Osa

We want to help ensure your safety during your stay with us. All of our staff at Blue Osa are fully vaccinated for Covid19. We hope to help you feel safe through the actions we are taking. We want to ensure a safe space for all of our guests.

With this in mind, social distancing measures are implemented for all services for the protection of our guests. To help us protect our guests, we will be taking the following steps:

  • Our restaurant is a dining culinary experience served to your table by our waiters that will be wearing facemasks.
  • We offer online and contactless check-in. We have a full online check-in available that also includes a video tour of our property. All guests will be required to complete this online check-in.
  • Meals will be socially distanced, except for parties of people traveling together.
  • Throughout the property, hand sanitizer stations are available.
  • Blue Osa is an open-air resort with consistent ocean breezes. Because all current studies have shown that open spaces coupled with social distancing do not contribute to the transmission of Covid19, we will only require guests to wear masks at Blue Osa in the dining area. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask. This protocol is in compliance with the current regulations of Costa Rica.
  • All service staff, housekeeping, and kitchen staff will wear protective masks and other equipment during your stay.
  • And we ask our guests to practice social distancing around our staff and other guests at all times.
  • Thorough cleanings are performed in all guest rooms before your arrival using government-recommended disinfectants and cleaning supplies.
  • We have given training to our staff about hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Temperature checks of all staff will be taken daily before working.
  • Our guests will be required to wear a facemask in the shuttle carrying them to and from the airport + adventure tours.
  • Private shuttles are available upon request.
  • In the event someone begins to show signs of Covid19, Blue Osa will have a remote dedicated room, which is remote from our common spaces and standard guest rooms.

To help us protect our guests, we are asking for your help in the following:

  • To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we ask our guests to either get vaccinated or be tested within 24 hours of coming to Blue Osa.
  • We do encourage single occupancy, except for couples or a known friend or family member.
  • We recommend you to bring your yoga mat & yoga blanket.
  • Please bring face-masks with you to help ensure a more pleasant stay.
  • We encourage all guests to take advantage of our remote location and to spend time on the beach, in our sacred places on the property.
  • Should a guest begin to experience flu-like symptoms, we will ask them to remain in their spacious room while we contact our local medical clinic with excellent doctors who speak English. If deemed necessary, we will have a CoronaVirus test administered, and if a guest should test positive, we will then follow Costa Rica’s health protocols for the wellbeing of the guest and all guests at Blue Osa. For elderly or at-risk guests, we can make arrangements to fly them to a private hospital in San Jose.

This page is being constantly updated as the laws change.