Meet Manuel – Osa Conservation Activist & Advocate

Manuel Sanchez works for the Costa Rica Osa Conservation. He is not only an activist and advocate for the Sea Turtles of the Osa Peninsula, he is also our resident expert on the sea turtles and fiercely protects them.

Manuel Osa Conservation

How did you get involved with the animal conservation?

All my passion and dedication is from my father who helped me to understand the importance of helping all animals. Each time he was walking in the forest I wanted to go with him, and to look around and appreciate every day.

It was special to have contact with the forest and the company of my father, a person who was born here and spent his entire life here. My dream is to continue to inspire others and the conservation and protection of animals.

Manuel Osa Conservation and Peninsula Sea Otters

What is your favorite thing about your work?

Being able to help other people and animals share nature, and to teach them how to take care of the natural beauty.

Why is saving the sea turtles important to you?

They are my favorite animals. To understand the effort turtles have to do every day and every year to survive is amazing. To help one turtle helps a whole species that is in danger. It is a large ecosystem that is connected to her. I will continue saving turtles!

Manuel Osa Conservation and the Sea Turtles of the Osa

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Manuel is also world class photographer and you can follow him and his photos on his Facebook page.Click here to follow Manuel now!

Manuel Osa Conservation on the Osa Peninsula

We are grateful for the work Manuel and his team at Osa Conservation does every to protect the natural life and beauty on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.


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