Why I Keep Returning To Blue Osa

Yoga Retreat Returning To Blue Osa

There are several reasons Ewa & Valentina’s Yoga Travel always return to Blue Osa: The proximity to nature, the way Blue Osa is designed by yogis for yogis, and the community that it’s a part of! We talk to Ewa Josefsson, Jivamukti yoga teacher and half of the yoga teacher duo that hosts yoga retreats all over the world.

How does it feel to return to the Osa Peninsula?

Every time I step out of the plane in Puerto Jiménez I feel like I’m returning home. There’s always someone I know, from the moment I exit the plane til the moment I reluctantly leave again I run into locals that remember me and always have a smile and a ‘Pura Vida!’.


Why Keep Returning To Blue Osa


Ewa and Valentina hosted their first retreat here at Blue Osa in the summer of 2013.

It was a life-changing experience to come to Blue Osa and the Osa Peninsula for the first time. I didn’t know a place like this existed. The way that the resort is in perfect harmony with nature, welcoming animals to live in harmony next to us, was new to me. From the howler monkeys who woke me up from a tree next to my window in the mornings, to the majestic red macaws always visiting Blue Osa in couples, and the squeaky Toucans with their surreal beaks flying over our heads, giant turtles nesting on the beach… I have climbed a strangler fig that surrounded like eight other trees in the rain forest, so it was huge but perfectly shaped to easily climb. I have walked along the rivers and even up small waterfalls, to swim in others! I have had so many unique nature experiences here I don’t know where to begin. I felt that nature was so much richer and friendlier than I could’ve ever imagined.


Yoga Retreat Leaders Returning To Blue Osa


Is it important to you that Blue Osa is environmentally friendly?

Very! Coming as a tourist to one of the world’s absolute most biologically diverse areas we have to consider the impact we have on this amazing and unique habitat. We have to remind ourselves that we are visiting the most glorious display of mother earth’s offerings: The amount of different species of birds, monkeys, butterflies, sloths, ant eaters, orchids, frogs and endlessly more… is pretty much unmatched in the rest of the world and many species are unique to this area. That we can visit and practice yoga in the midst of Mother Earth’s most beautiful expression is amazing.


Returning To Blue Osa Yoga Retreat Center


How do you find the yoga resort itself, compared to other resorts where you host retreats?

Everything at Blue Osa is designed to enhance the beauty of nature and our yoga practice: The Ganesha temple with the flowers and sweet offerings to the ‘overcomer of obstacles’ is a great proof of Yogi Aaron’s (owner of Blue Osa) dedication. I’ve never been to a resort that had its own temple. The morning silence that ends in a Tibetan prayer is also unique to Blue Osa. The wooden yoga deck is the most well constructed elevated outdoor yoga space I’ve seen so far…. I’ve had some unforgettable yoga moments here, breathing to the rhythm of the waves rolling in.


Returning to Blue Osa for Yoga Retreat


Spring Arrival! Yoga retreat with Ewa Josefsson and Valentina Rose, March 17-24, 2018. As always in their retreats Ewa and Valentina offer three daily classes to choose from in a friendly atmosphere where there are many opportunities but nothing is mandatory. As Ewa says: We want you to do you! For more info or to sign up: EwaValentina.com

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  1. Dear Mervi, thank you for the pictures from Orsa. Hope enjoys the snow. Wilbär is interested in the new girl. I hope Ewa will be nice to Hope too. Ewa looks great. The tiger mama with her cubs is lovely. The Persian leopard child is very cute. Hugs Ludmila

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