José Goes To Paris

Costa Rica Osa Peninsula Jose Goes to Paris

Blue Osa’s head chef José is taking off for a month long European journey with Adam and Aaron.

A small town boy, born and raised in the Osa Peninsula, this adventure is going to be his first travels outside of Costa Rica.

Paris, Amsterdam, Biaritz and Montpellier, he’ll be visiting some of the greatest European meccas and even getting the chance to work and learn in kitchens across the sea.

Blue Osa’s mission statement has always been to provide unique opportunities for discovery and experience. Firm believers that life is a never-ending learning process, Aaron and Adam always encourage their community of guests and employees to savor and embrace it in any way they can.

Stewardship, not ownership.

“This place isn’t ours, it’s the community that makes Blue Osa what it is. Helping José see the world outside of Costa Rica isn’t only an amazing experience for him because what he discovers and brings back from this trip will radiate throughout Blue Osa and affect us all.” – Yogi Aaron

It was a challenge for me to get José to talk about his expectations. Yes, he told me he was looking forward to seeing sites like the Eiffel Tower, meeting new people and tasting new foods, but to a large extent, he doesn’t know what to expect.

He only just experienced his first escalator last year.

For a man of 28, whose only trip outside the Osa Peninsula in 20 years was to San José, his European voyage holds as many hidden gems as if he were a western tourist walking through the jungle for the first time.

Like all of us travelers he’ll be participating in a way of life worlds apart from his own, and like any experience that places us in a position to truly embrace life, what he’ll learn and bring back can’t be expected, but if I’ve taken anything away from my time at Blue Osa it’s that not knowing what to expect is a sure fire way to live well beyond our greatest imaginations.

Buena suerte José, and enjoy the experience.



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