How Can I Live in the Spirit of Service?

How can I live in the Spirit of Service

by Lindsay Samuels

When I am living in the Spirit of Service, I ask the question, in any given moment: How can I help? I believe that the simple choice of behaving in a loving way is a service to every being I encounter.

In what ways can you enrich the lives of those around you?

I have found that a perfectly-timed smile, helping hand, or listening ear can make all the difference in the world.

Every human being is a manifestation of gifts to be shared with the world.

When I am sharing my gifts, I feel vibrant and alive; I am realizing my life’s purpose. It is interesting that we use “gift” to describe one’s unique abilities and strengths… When these talents are shared, they become an even more authentic expression of the word.

Mother Teresa said, “One truly must have suffered oneself to help others”.

When I first started cultivating compassion towards others, depression and anxiety began to dissolve, transforming into happiness. In my experience, compassionate action and loving-kindness toward others help to mend the wounds of suffering.


 How can I live in the Spirit of Service

Great happiness can be enjoyed when we ask and answer the question, “how can I be of service?”

There is an innate feeling of fulfilment that comes along with helping others. According to Newton’s Third Law of Physics (and Karma): for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we give, we receive. I have found that when I open my hands to help, they remain open for exactly what I need to flow back in. When I trustingly choose to go where I am guided and be of service, a life of joyful possibility unfolds.

When I am choosing to be of service, I am answering the call of my heart.



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