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How A Retreat To Blue Osa Will Change Your Life

Unleash Your Creative Power: How A Retreat at Blue Osa Will Change Your Life

Discover how a week long retreat at Blue Osa can manifest positive change in your life:

The power of thought, creating and manifesting reality is often common conversation nowadays. So the question remains: Why does it work sometimes and not others? The answer is simple – fear. Our energetic body becomes blocked – stuck – jammed up or even erratic because some conscious or unconscious thought pattern keeps revolving in our minds. And, when you start to reflect on its roots, it is grounded in fear.




Now I realize that might sound a bit extreme, but it is the truth. How can you unleash your creative power when your mind is swirling with worry, doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety or stress? You can’t. They are all fear based responses that block your full potential. In order to begin to create the purposeful life you wish to live, you must eradicate fear and replace it with love. You replace thoughts of lack with abundance, insecurity with confidence, doubt with knowing, uncertainty, anxiety and stress with trustful surrender. In yoga, this is known as Isvarapranidhana.




That is what we all get on our yoga retreat at Blue Osa. We let go of fear; we realign our physical, mental and spiritual bodies; and we surrender to the power of our universal divine selves. There is something special about Blue Osa which is why I keep coming back year after year. The land, place and atmosphere created by the souls that guard its gates are unique and powerful. It’s really magical. When you walk through the gates of Blue Osa, a profoundly powerful spiritual place, you literally and figuratively leave your bags at the door. A weight falls off of you, and your spirit is lifted up, connected to the beauty of nature and the presence of ‘BEING’!




That is how it happens every year, and it continues to amaze me. Each person who comes to our retreat sheds the stuff that blocks their energetic power. It’s like syncing up your spirit with Universal Consciousness. We use the tools of yoga, Ayurveda and self-care to clean out the cobwebs of fear and replace it with love. That’s when the real transformation begins because you start to receive. You receive deep personal healing, guidance, direction and vibrancy. Connectedness, fun and peaceful joy replace all the negative emotions. It is truly an experience beyond words.




And, everything at Blue Osa is designed to support and nourish this transformative process. The community of loving, caring, present people, the nourishing scrumptious food, the spa treatments, and the safe space that is innate to this place all facilitate unleashing your creative power.

So now the question is: When are you coming?

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Unleash Your Creative Power- How A Retreat At Blue Osa Will Change Your Life


Thank you Aaron, Adam and the entire Blue Osa family for creating this space of love and service. I cannot wait to step through the gates once again.

About The Author

Susan Smith

Susan Smith, yoga teacher, spiritual guide and author of “The Power of Yoga” is a dedicated yoga practitioner. With over 30 years of education and experience in health, wellness, yoga, mindfulness and spiritual awakening she developed teacher training and immersion programs founded through her multi-disciplinary studies. Susan founded One-Yoga, a holistic health and wellness institute dedicated to improving the quality of life by sharing the deep personal work and practical approach of yogic principles and practice. Her approach to yoga is founded in the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga and Vedanta philosophy. Susan is considered the “teacher of teachers” and shares her vision, passion, and practicality with students worldwide. She has had the privilege of studying with many knowledgeable teachers; she honors each one and their contributions to her teaching. Susan holds a MSM in Health Care, MYI & ERYT in Yoga Instruction, and MRT in Usui Reiki.

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