Goodbye And Hello

Hello Adam and goodbye Marie

This month Marie leaves for her holiday in France and Adam arrives to be at Blue Osa full time!

Goodbye Marie!

Marie has worn many hats in the almost seven years since Blue Osa was created. After the property was purchased she was the resident caretaker and during the construction kept a watchful eye on things while serving coffee twice a day to more than 25 workers who labored here. The first few years while working with visiting chefs, Marie gleaned the practical facts of cooking which complimented her decades-long experience of managing and hosting in her own restaurants in San Francisco and Cartagena Columbia. Marie has managed and been the chef in our restaurant and currently is our executive chef. But as everyone knows, Marie, like Cher, is not to be mistaken for another and is truly unique, just Marie. We hope Marie has a great rest and time with her family in France and we look forward to her return in the fall.

Hello Adam!

Adam comes to Blue Osa for the start of his full-time residency here. No stranger to Blue Osa, Adam spearheaded the design and construction effort o Blue Osa and, with the purchase of additional property near Blue Osa, will design and develop our future expansion. Over the last several years, Adam has worked in various parts of the States as well as in Chengdu China. It has been an interesting adventure to see first hand the rapid change in China but after nearly forty years, Adam is ready to phase out his interior design business and work at Blue Osa full time. Of particular interest to him are the plans for the new kitchen gardens and the continued development of the kitchen menus and staff. We welcome back home!

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