Get Out Of The Gutter Of Your First Chakra Through Gratitude

how to make time for gratitude

What? You’ve never heard of the gutter of the first chakra? Well please let me explain.

The first chakra refers to our base needs for survival; its 4 petals representing food, shelter/safety/survival, sleep and sex. Regulating these 4 aspects of our lives allows us to thrive and move forward in our lives.

Problem is we can become obsessed with these basic needs, worrying constantly about not having enough or losing what we do have. I’m sure many of you can relate to being afraid of losing your job or worrying about not having enough sleep before a big day. Maybe there’s a fear that you won’t have enough money to retire.

Whatever it is, worrying about your basic survival can take over your mind, exhaust you and actually affect your over all feeling of health. Unable to focus on anything other than our basic needs we stop living in the moment become trapped in the gutter of the first chakra.

If we want to find our way out, we need to experiment with each petal constantly in order to find the right amount for us. I know what you’re thinking; who has the time or patience to experiment with every meal and with every night’s sleep?

Let alone my living arrangements and my sex life.

I’m not some monk in a cave I’ve got things to do! Ok, ok I hear you, but don’t worry there is a simpler way out: cultivate a sense of gratitude.

In this impermanent world things come and go without warning no matter how much we plan, but if we can cultivate a sense of gratitude for what we have in the moment no matter the situation we can remain balanced.

Instead of seeking the impossibility of security in an ever-changing world gratitude will bring you into the present so you can start living in the here and now.

It’s the quickest way to regulate your survival needs. When you are grateful you stop looking beyond what you need. When you are grateful you stop worrying about losing what you have. You stop worrying about having more sleep; instead, you’re happy with waking up.

Cultivate a sense of gratefulness, and gently, gradually, as you become more aware of what you’re actually thankful for the petals of the first chakra will begin to regulate themselves.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it 😉


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