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by Jenee

Author and holistic wellness coach Marta Tuchowska spoke to us about how spas promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

What prompted your focus on well-being and rejuvenation?

I was seeking answers for myself. A few years ago, I was a slave of the system: tired and with no zest for life, feeling depressed and sorry for myself, constantly wallowing in self-pity, working in a miserable 9-5 office job, air-conditioning all day in front of a computer, stressful environment, commuting to work every day.

I quit my job, and decided to dedicate my life to wellness coaching and change my career. This is a very broad concept to me that consists of self-care, motivation, relaxation, nutrition. This is why I have created Holistic Wellness Project, I want to help those who want to take better care of themselves in a holistic way.

What are the benefits of treating yourself to a spa experience?

More energy. It’s as simple as that. Deep holistic relaxation that professional spas can offer is like a body-mind and spirit treat that helps you reload your batteries. This is a must for modern, busy individuals in the 21st century. We live under so much stress, and a beautiful spa treatment can help you be more successful in your business and with whatever projects you are working on. It’s just like maintaining a car: every now and then you need to invest some time and money to take care of it. Then you know you can rely on it to take you to whenever you want. Like Jim Rohn says: “Take care of your body, that’s the only place you have to live.”

What do you think of the rising trend in organic or green spa treatments? How do they compare to traditional styles?

If by saying “traditional styles” you mean spas that only focus on beauty from the outside and use cheap, synthetic products to take care of their financial wellness you probably can figure out my opinion! I am not here to criticize anyone, but I know that by applying the organic, green approach they will be successful long-term. Spa is about promoting a certain lifestyle that is healthy, balanced and organic. Spa clients should feel blown away enough to take action which is to carry on this lifestyle in their homes and of course, be back to their favorite spa and wellness resorts for more inspiration and learning.

How do you think the spa industry has evolved over the past few years?

More and more spas are becoming holistic and leaving behind what is considered a simple treat and outside beauty treatment. More and more is being added to spa menus on a regular basis. With so much stress that the 21st century provokes, people need more healing. People need holistic rejuvenation. This is why more activities like yoga, alkaline diet programs, detoxes, cleanses and even life coaching should be added to spa menus.

Do you think spas treatments are a necessity for wellness and well-being?

I think that the most important think that a person needs to do in order to achieve wellness and well-being is self-care. Spa treatments can be inspiring, especially if enriched by my suggestions mentioned above. They can also take the feeling of being burnt out and tired away, and so it is easier for a person to take action and live a healthy lifestyle.

I always say that health and wellness attracts more health and wellness whereas imbalance attracts more imbalance. For example, when you feel tired, and depressed, the least thing you think about is to eat healthy and do yoga. Most people would indulge in unhealthy habits. A real spa experience however erases this burden away and makes it possible for you to get back on track. This is how I see it. We all need this push sometimes. Moreover, this “spa push” is a real pleasure, so very few people would procrastinate about it. There is no need to do it every day (few people could afford to), but…once a week or once a month can help. It will be better money investment that going on a shopping spree.



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