Food Brought Into Focus With The Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

the crazy sexy fun traveler

An interview about food with the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler, describe your diet in less than 5 words.

Local organic raw vegan.

What’s always on your menu?

It’s very easy – smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, vegetable salads, some nuts, seeds, raw chocolate and a lot of green leafy veggies. To be honest I could just live on smoothies – 5 per day and I don’t need anything else.

What’s the one thing you cannot live without?

Coconuts, coconut water, coconut oil. I am obsessed with coconuts and I use the oil for everything, you have no idea (laugh.) Speaking of food, there’s actually more things – raw cacao, bananas, pineapple, green leafy veggies, berries. I could easily eat just these for the rest of my life but if I had to choose just one thing, it would be coconut then. Did you know the electrolytes in it are the best ever so coconut water could be used for blood transfusions?

What’s your biggest vice or guilty food pleasure?

Hmm… vegan ice cream, chocolate and coconut cakes and beans. It’s very hard for me to say no to these.

Are you vegetarian/vegan, etc? Why?

I was eating almost anything but very few red meat for the past 10 – 15 years but reading more and more about dairy and meat it just made me realize how bad it is for our bodies. In 2013 I became vegan from one day to another, just like that. I started with fresh juices for a few days to cleanse, then mostly smoothies and salads. I also found out that the easiest thing for your digestion is mono-diet, so let’s say eat just bananas as a whole meal, or just pineapple, etc. … or smoothies. And why am I vegan now? Well, I don’t like to kill animals, for me they are human beings as well as people and it just makes me sick to see meat with blood. Another big reason is all the different hormones found in meat, or mucus in dairy and the animals are mostly grown and killed with anger that is passed in meat onto us then. I could speak about it for days and this year I am going to publish an ebook about all this in English as I published one in Slovak already.

What do you think it means to have a healthy diet? (How does your diet make you feel? / How does it impact you?)

I quit dairy, meat and processed food in 2013. If I eat any meat, it makes me a bit sick. And dairy? I get breathing difficulties and also pimples on my skin from mucus, so if I happen to ”cheat” I can really feel it the following day. For me, the healthiest diet is being raw vegan. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic, worked as a healthy lifestyle consultant a few years ago and last year before I switched to veganism, I spent every single day watching videos and reading about it for at least 4 or 5 hours per day. Raw vegan diet helped me to ”cure” a lot of health problems I’d had, such as insomnia, chronic sinus infection, PMS, strong period, weak nails, depression, knee problems … I could go on for another few minutes. It’s incredible how no drugs could help me for years and just a few weeks of raw veganism completely changed my health, mood and energy levels. I’ve never had so much energy or enthusiasm, and I finally wake up happy every morning. Each time I start eating different meals again, my energy level just goes down incredibly. I feel like flying if I am 100% raw vegan. No digestion problems, beautiful skin, nails and hair; great mood every day, clear mind … well, and not to forget the sexual energy 😀

What is the relationship between your diet and your yoga practice?

Like I said, I have way more energy when eating raw fresh organic meals, I have no muscle pain and can easily do yoga even every single day. I was born with lungs 1/3 smaller than of other people and had a sinus infection because of it like 20 times every year for 28 years of my life, which made it super difficult to do some sports, such as running, biking, or even yoga as I could not catch my breath. Especially no dairy and plant-based diet changed it a lot and I’ve had no sinus infection for almost a year now since I became a raw vegan. Before the longest time without any sinusitis was for like 3 or 4 weeks.

Also, being a raw vegan clears your mind extremely and you thrive for more knowledge. Yoga does a similar thing calming your mind and making you focus on certain things more. So not only I can breathe better now when doing yoga, but I also feel they both sharpen my thinking and change my character.

How do you manage your diet when you travel?

Let me tell you, it is NOT easy for many reasons: cuisine is a huge part of every culture and not to taste any meals can be hard. In the past few months, my body kind of realized that meat and dairy are not good for me. There are days when I do have a piece of pizza with cheese, or pasta, or a dessert, but trying to avoid it as much as I can. Sometimes I need a few days of eating less healthy to realize how it makes me feel again and that I do not have that much energy, to go back to my mostly raw vegan diet. The worst thing is dinner with other travelers or when I don’t have a choice, e.g. somewhere in a jungle or high mountains for a few days.

However, I mostly eat just fruit or smoothies until like 4 pm every day, and fruit is usually easy to get anywhere in the world. Then for dinner, I get green leafy veggies if I didn’t get any in my smoothies and a vegetable salad.

If you had one piece of advice for people wanting to improve their diet, what would it be?

Definitely get more green leafy veggies and fruit into your daily diet and always start each meal eating fruit, then follow with other meal. You will lose weight and crave less for sweet and processed food just implementing these two principles. Also, do not mix fruit with anything else but green leafy veggies, otherwise it will ferment in your body.

About the author

crazy-sexy-fun-traveler-at-Xpu-Ha-beach Alexandra Kovacova is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. Alex first quit modeling to get 2 MA degrees at the University instead and then she also quit her stewardess job to pursue her biggest dream of traveling around the world.

After living in 6 different countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Spain, Scotland, Italy and Mexico) Alex has been permanently on the road taking photos, videos and professionally blogging since March 2011. Thanks to the main blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler she has visited more than 45 countries and it’s on a mission of visiting every single country in the world.

Switching to mostly raw vegan diet and getting more into yoga, Alex also started with another blog Fit when Traveling to inspire others to stay healthy and in shape when on the road.

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