Is a Fitness Retreat Right For You?

Fitness Retreat

The idea of getting fit and vacationing at the same time is not a new concept, and doing both together is a wonderful way to combine beautiful scenery with new exercise habits. But doing a retreat, whether it’s yoga or TRX based, involves many factors. How do you know a fitness retreat is right for you? Here are 5 ways to figure it out.

1. What level of exercise do you want?

A retreat that involves fitness can entail a lot of factors: intensity, frequency and results. If you do a yoga retreat there will be a lot of stretching of the body likely in two sessions a day. Also, if you sign up for a more intensive retreat based on something like TRX, your workouts will require effort and some commitment. But, think about the overall benefits. You’ll start to feel healthier day by day of the retreat and have no reason to invent excuses to not exercise.

2. Do you like group activities?

Fitness retreats are sometimes undertaken by spouses in an effort to get into shape together. But keep in mind that a retreat leader has to fill spots and often strangers will participate in these kinds of retreats. Revel in this, though, because it means you bond with other people because you are in it together.

3. Food is planned for you.

In a fitness retreat, meals are generally planned and served by the resort you will be staying at, obviously taking food allergies into consideration. This can mean you won’t control what type of food you eat every day, but retreats traditionally serve delicious, healthy meals that fuel whatever physical activity you engage in. The biggest positive is most resorts are not close to cities and the opportunity to eat junk food is minimized, which maximizes what a fitness retreat is about: gaining healthy habits.

Here at Blue Osa, we serve farm to table organic food in order to provide you with healthy and nutritious meals.

4. Nature is generally involved.

All fitness retreats have a group activity component and because resorts are located within nature, going on nature hikes, zip lining, bungee jumping or kayaking/rafting is par for the course. Remember that these activities are typically optional but they ensure some team building with your retreat mates and the chance to experience your environment.


5. What kind of fitness goals do you want to set?

Going on a fitness retreat probably signals that you are after some kind of end goal in mind, whether it’s about self-exploration or progressing with fitness milestones. A fitness retreat can truly bring some insight into your health and workout habits but also provide that much needed inner journey that daily life intrudes on. Fitness is about the emotional and mental, along with the physical.

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These 5 points should help you decide whether or not a fitness retreat is right for you, but hopefully, you take a chance and leap into one. The hidden and obvious benefits will become apparent.

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