Finding Your Meditation Seat

Group Meditation

A common misconception exists that in order to meditate you need to sit perfectly in full lotus position. This could not be further from the truth!

The most important thing when setting up for meditation is that you are comfortable.

If your body is not comfortable you will not be able to sit still, and this discomfort will cause distraction and make meditation virtually impossible.

Try out the below options as demonstrated by Yogi Aaron and find the one that brings you stillness and ease!

1. Sitting in a chair

Meditation Seat With Chair

That’s right, you don’t even have to sit on the floor to meditate! For many people a chair is more accessible and comfortable for their body. Choose a chair that is not too soft or comfortable, for example a table chair is more appropriate than an armchair as you want to keep an erect spine and avoid falling asleep! In this example a blanket has been used on the base of the chair to make it more comfortable.


2. Sitting in a chair using the back support

Meditation Seat Chair With Blankets

If you would like to use the back support of your chair blankets can help bring the back of the chair forward to maintain the correct posture and prevent you from leaning back.

3. Sitting in a chair using blocks under feet

Meditation Seat With Chair with blocks

It is important to have your feet flat and grounded on the floor. If your legs are not long enough to do this comfortably you can use blocks under your feet to elevate the ground.

4. Cross legged

Meditation Seated cross legged

Seated with legs folded is probably the most common meditation seat, you can play around with the position of your legs and feet whether it be in lotus, half lotus or simple cross legged. Elevating your buttocks by sitting on a block or blankets can help to keep the spine erect.

5. Cross-legged with props under the knees

Meditation Seated cross legged with blocks

Often pain is felt in the knees while in this seat, to prevent this use blocks or blankets to support the knees so there is no tension.

6. Virasana (Hero Pose) using blocks and blankets

Meditation Hero Pose

If your buttocks don’t comfortably rest on the floor in hero pose you can use blocks and/or blankets as pictured.


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