The Employees of Blue Osa: Nery, Chele, Alex and Olger

family of blue osa Nery


Neri, what gives you energy?

“What gives me energy is to wake up every morning and know that there are 2 human beings (my daughters) who need me, they are studying now so they really need me which is what gives me energy to move forward.”


What are 3 things you do not like?

“Lies, then egoism and when you do something good but you don’t recognize the value of it, the lack of recognition. I mean if you cannot appreciate things or what other people do.”


family of blue osa Chele


If you had to take just 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?

”I would take a positive mind … knowing that one day I would get out of the island. I would take water and the last thing … hmm … it would be someone who would go with me because on my own it would not be the best (laugh.)”


Family of Blue osa Alex


”What makes you happy every day?”

”To wake up and know every day that I can walk, speak and work.”


family of blue osa Olger



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